My Thoughts on The Owl House Season 3 *SPOILERS*


Disney, Dana Terrace

The Owl House Season 3 Promo Art “Thanks to Them”

Charlie Eik, Journalist

“The Owl House” is a Disney show created and produced by Dana Terrace. If you are unfamiliar with the series, it follows a creative teen, Luz Noceda, and her trip into another realm known as ‘The Boiling Isles.’ Season 2 focuses mainly on her trying to get back home to her mom, and so in season 3, Luz tries to get her friends back to their home. This article will contain spoilers if you have not already seen it.

I was really happy with the amount of effort that was put into the episode “Thanks to Them” and how well the animation was done! It’s great to see all the new character designs, I was specifically surprised with Vee’s new design and I really like how their design turned out. The new intro and outro are also really nice and when I see them I also like to think that if the series wasn’t canceled that those would’ve been episodes, like when the kids go clothing shopping with Camila or when Willow cuts Hunter’s hair.

I asked some students how they felt about the new season. ERHS Freshman, Koa Sweet said, “It was really good but rushed, and poor flapjack didn’t deserve what happened. Solid 9 out of 10.”

ERHS Sophmore, Alejandra Cervantes said, “I think it was really cool, you can definitely tell how much work they put into it, especially with the animation and small details they had put in.”

The Owl House Season 2 Promo Art (Disney, Dana Terrace)

I’m glad to have enjoyed this series so much, especially with friends, but it’s still sad to see the series end so soon. I’m still upset about how they got cut short by Disney and only have three 44-minute specials for season 3. Even so with them getting the short end of the stick from Disney, I’m glad that the series was still able to (so far) turn out well with such little time. And that they were still able to produce such a great series and got all the support from viewers that they did.

My favorite parts of “Thanks to Them” was of course the intro and outro, but also how they do such a great job of showing that Camila didn’t want to send Luz to that summer camp, how much everyone misses friends and family on The Boiling Isles.

Hopefully, the series turns out well, and if you read this and haven’t seen the show yet. It’s really good and I 100% recommend it, so maybe give it a try!