Eleanor Roosevelt High School Blood Drive


Elizabeth Meyer, Journalist

On Monday, October 24, from 8:30 am to 2:40 pm Eleanor Roosevelt High School will be holding a blood drive in the cafeteria at 7447 Scholar Way. Donating blood would only take up 10- 15 minutes of your time, those minutes could save lives. Students wanting to sign up to donate should use the QR code on the flyer.

By donating blood you can help burn victims, heart surgery, organ transplants, and those battling cancer. Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer, and donated blood is used for their chemo. Blood drives are very beneficial because they can help many people who are in need. Just one donation can save up to three lives.

Picture by: cnythzl

Sophomore Mackenzie Collins from Salinas High had a heart transplant a year ago due to Dilated Cardiomyopathy and benefited from blood that had been donated.

“I encourage people to donate blood it helps¬† many people in need who need it,” Collins said.

Collins had always had this heart condition, but at the age of 14 it had gotten worse.  She ended up hospitalized at the end of February for a couple of months.

When Collins was released from the hospital, she had to wear batteries for a while to help monitor her condition. Then, on June 26, 2021, Collins’ mom got the call that she got a heart for her transplant and could have the life saving procedure. Now Collins is a healthy girl who can run again.

When speaking to ERHS junior, Isabella Wills, she said, “I think blood drives are very helpful and people should try and donate blood when they can, to help people.”

You can donate blood within 16 weeks of a previous donation. Donating blood also provides benefits to those donating. It can help lower blood pressure and have you at lower risk for a heart attack.

You should try and donate your blood when it’s possible for you to do so, you never know, you may save a life.