The Rubber Ducky Conundrum


Lazarus Mendoza

At the start of the second leading week to October, we’ve been seeing (literal) signs of a true tragedy. The disappearance of a rubber ducky! Specifically, a sherrif rubber ducky. All along the school, posters of a missing rubber ducky were posted, saying “WANTED – RUBBER DUCKY / has been missing since October 1st. The Person who finds him will be rewarded accordingly. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION / if you have any information please see ASB on 10/6 at the quad to turn it in for a reward. Days later, more ducks went missing. Then it was “batduck,” a pig, a technician, where were they all going? What was the cause of their disappearance? Are they in danger? Are they the danger?

Well, I asked around and here were a few comedic responses I was given by some ERHS students.

“Sherrif duck is being held hostage by the other ducks!”, stated Sherbert Lightner.

Another student known as Tucker Mullins added, “Batduck is going through a depressive episode after someone said superduck is better.”

Though with a few indepth conversations, it seems everyone has gone to the conclusion that the rubber duckies are either in danger, or are the danger, or that they would quiet frankly just keep the duck.  But what is the duck disappearance truly about? Well, it’s actually “a game” hosted by ASB.

This game is actually a campaign built upon missing rubber duckies to gain attention for breast cancer, and not only that, but it was intended to get kids intrigued and create engagement, and according to Miss Yak, one of the lovely staff here that allowed me in for a last minute interview, it was a success. She reports to me that there are students she’s seen never once interested in participating in any school activity, actively searching for or talking of the rubber duckies. For those of you that aren’t fully caught up yet, the point of the rubber duckies was to be you would find a hidden ducky, and turn it into the student store for a prize – a Pink Out themed prize. And the biggest goal that was in mind, was to amplify big topics and create awareness.

In addition to this, Thursday night, October 6, before the football game we honored those that have gone through or are still fighting breast cancer. We praised parents of current students and staff members, they were then proudly featured on the field with flowers whilst being walked out with families. They were honored and recognized publicly in front of our school and it’s participants of the night. As if this wasn’t big enough, it was a wonderful turnout; we had staff, students, parents, clubs, and we even had the ‘goodeats’ foundation come out on this big night.

So, this is the truth behind the Rubber Ducky Conundrum, but please, don’t let this stop you from searching for the ducks just because it isn’t for what you imagine, as this really is a great cause we need to shed awareness on, and even then you are of course welcome to theorize about the duckies out in the wild still if you so wish to.

And have I yet to mention there still may be around 11 ducks left? 🙂 Happy hunting!