Cutting Increases Lunch Line Wait Time

Christina Guerrero, Journalist

The lunch lines have been more and more packed this school year than in years past. With students now having to put in their student ID numbers the lines should be able to go by faster, but instead wait time has doubled. The average wait time to get food is 25 minutes with there only being 40 minutes of actual lunch time. A factor affecting the long wait time is the constant crowds of people swarming to the front.

Second lunch

Students are currently coming in hoards of groups going to the front of the line instead of the back like everyone else. This cutting in line makes it so the people in the front get their food quick while the people behind them wait in a standstill line.

While there is cutting in every line, specifically in the Chicken Sandwich line there is the most. In this line there is a wide variety of food options from burgers, kfc bowls, and more. All these options lead to more people wanting to go to them. But with only two lines open most days, unlike the Burrito line where there are four lines open, the cutting becomes worse and worse everyday.

These crowds also result in food running out. This results in students being left with soggy turkey wraps or no food at all and having to go to a different line after already waiting the 25 plus minutes in line for food.

When asked about their thoughts on the wait times ERHS Junior Raman Kaur responded, “I think it’s not fair, and our lunch time isn’t long enough either. We end up having to rush eat.”

ERHS Sophomore Tiffany Guerrero responded, “I think the lunch lines encourage kids to not eat on a consistent schedule because of how long they are. For me personally I don’t want to be standing in line for 15 minutes with people cutting just to get to the front and be told there’s no food.”

Students are annoyed with the wait times and at time of publication, no actions to attempt to fix the cutting have been noted. Placement of a security guard or the lunch staff telling the people cutting to go to the back could possibly solve or improve the issue.