Short Story of the Week!


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

Tales of the Monster Humans


Ethan J. Roberts

“Christian?” I was startled at first, but as the big male wrapped his arms around me, I began to calm down. “Are the Humans after you too?”

“They’re after all of us,” he said to us, “We’re not sure where to hide or where to go.”

“We cannot hide any longer,” Emir announced, “If we keep running away and hide, we’re bound to get hunted. We must find a way to fight back.”

“How?” I lowered my ears, “Aren’t they stronger than us?”

“It doesn’t matter if they look or are strong,” he looked me in my eyes, “what matters is what we are capable of, and we’re capable of so much that you don’t know.”

My muscles loosened a bit, for there was persuasion in that sentence. I’ve never realized how I could use my strengths to my advantage, but with Emir with the rest of us, I could try.

It had been a few days since we’ve gathered all of the resources we needed to fight back. Mateo was the first to step onto the battlefield where soldiers of all origins stood grand and fierce. He held up his paws and said, “You should not fear me, and I should not fear you. Look, we were once people like you before, but with fur and all sorts of different things. That doesn’t mean you should kill us because we are different from you. Stand with me and my friends and we can make peace.” Before he could take another breath of speech, a speeding bullet pierced through his heart. He dropped dead in front of all our eyes.

“Mateo!” I cried, tears running down my cheeks.

“ATTACK!” Shouted the head soldier.

Light flashed before my eyes as I wanted to flee. Despite this, there was a paw holding me back from getting out of there. When I turned around, it wasn’t Emir or anyone that I knew, for this was a new face that everyone would call extraordinary.