Andor Episode 4 Breakdown : “Aldhani” – SPOILER WARNING!

Izzy Casillas, Journalist

“Andor” is the latest live-action Star Wars show, with Episode 4 “Aldhani” airing September 28. Spoiler warning for this episode!

The episode opens up on a ship with Cassian Andor and his mysterious new acquaintance, Luthen Rael, fresh off their escape from Pre-Ox Morlana pursuit on the planet Ferrix. Cassian is hesitant with the job that Luthen has planned for him, while Luthen tries to convince him to fight against the Empire and make more of an impact.

“I’m very interested in Luthen…” commented Riley McIntyre, a freshman at Roosevelt. “It’s just interesting how much he knows about Cassian.”

The next scene shows Coruscant, a glittering planet that is the capital of the galaxy, and home of the ISB headquarters (Imperial Security Bureau). A tense meeting is shown, giving a glimpse at the uptight personnel trying to keep the order. Lieutenant Meero is introduced, an ambitious and severe ISB officer.

A glimpse at the tense ISB meeting on Coruscant (Andor (Episode 4, Aldhani))

Luthen and Cassian land on the planet Aldhani, meeting with a bold woman named Vel, who is against Cassian joining their mission as a hired member. Cassian leaves with Vel and embarks on a trek up the planet’s lush and rocky mountainside. Vel reveals her group’s plan: she and her small band of rebels are going to rob the Imperial armory at the Aldhani Garrison. Cassian is immediately skeptical of the daring plan. They arrive at the camp later, where he meets the crew and gets settled.

Cassian Andor in a mission briefing with the rebel crew he is working with (Andor (Episode 4, Aldhani))

Deputy Inspector Karn and a few other officers involved in the Ferrix incident are dismissed from their jobs, with the announcement that because of their blunder, the Morlana system is under permanent Imperial authority. Later in the episode, a humiliated Karn is seen traveling to a set of apartments, where he meets his mother.

Lieutenant Meero is shown taking interest in the item of tech that Cassian had stolen and had been taken to the planet Ferrix. She takes up the issue with a colleague and superior officer, determined for more information and claiming that the incident could be connected to rebel activity. Her request is denied.

Luthen dresses up while on the ship and assumes the position of an elegant collector of upscale artifacts in a gallery on Coruscant, where he is met by a customer who is none other than Senator Mon Mothma. The two shift into a back room, where the pleasant and relaxed fa├žade falls immediately. Mothma is revealed as not just an Imperial Senator, but a determined undercover woman who wants to defy the Empire at the risk of her own safety.

Luthen welcoming Senator Mon Mothma into his Coruscanti gallery (Andor (Episode 4, Aldhani))

“She’s cool,” said Analiese Casillas about Mon Mothma. “She’s rebelling against [the Empire], in the shadows, trying to help people. Do what’s good for them, and not what she’s told to do in the Senate.”

The episode ends with Cassian settling in with the other rebel members, who explain their plan to attack the Imperial garrison on the planet Aldhani. They are set to move in three days, with Cassian having a lot to learn within that time to make sure the mission is a success.

While this episode was not necessarily action-heavy, it definitely set up some interesting paths for the next episodes to take. New episodes of “Andor” are airing every Wednesday on Disney+!