Catastrophic Disaster Follows After Hurricane Ian


Lazarus Mendoza

Terrible events are in an undeniable course of action down in Florida.

Hurricane Ian barreled its way down to South Carolina after leaving cities like Naples and Fort Myers in complete shambles and as of Thursday is known to have killed at least 101, with bodies being found and unidentified or being searched for in a search and rescue. This hurricane continued its course, also rampaging through coastal Georgia and the Carolinas.

The hurricane that crossed paths with Florida was a category 5 hurricane, leaving it to be immeasurably catastrophic – as the highest on the hurricane tracking charts at a swift wind speed of 157 or higher. It is currently known to be involved in an eight-way-tie in place with being the fifth deadliest/strongest storm to strike in the U.S. as currently recorded.

Soon after all this damage was caused, Hurricane Ian was downgraded into a tropical storm – though, AccuWeather meteorologists publicly warned that despite this development, to not underestimate Ian, effectively stating that it could still cause much damage and is a life threatening event.

Though, some civilians were said to not heed such a threat – and sadly because of this, some did not survive the storm, and many did not make it out of Ian without some form of injury. As the storm worsened, those in Florida were forced to evacuate because of the high floods.

It’s truly tragic, some survivors talking vividly to news stations or other reporters of the horrors they had to go through, stating traumatic events along the topics of constant screams and pleads for help from other civilians caught up in the flood and storm. Some speak of how they remember seeing people on roofs trying to flag people down for help and crying from the top of their lungs.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s vicious rampage, we can send our best regards and wishes for Florida and any other areas hit – some areas are even holding donations to help reconstruct the homes and buildings that were left in ruins.

ERHS students shared their thoughts for those in Florida and most were along the lines of, ‘I hope for everyone’s recovery.’

“I’m so sorry about all of this. And I hope you have a breezy recovery,” an ERHS senior said.

While a pun was included, she did afterwards truly wish her best to everyone, and the pun was simply to lighten the tension. She does wish for everyone’s improvement and best in this situation.

And a few other students bid a simple but empathetic apology and also wish for a speedy and safe recovery.

I myself hope for the best and do really hope that everyone is able to properly rebuild and reunite with any lost family after such an event.