Short Story of the Week!


Ethan Jae Roberts

Tales of the Monster Humans


Ethan J. Roberts

“How much do you want to risk?” asked Diego.

I couldn’t simply answer his question, for he had caught me off guard. In case you don’t know, the Humans were trying to take all four of us captive–James, Diego, Mateo, and me–for a reason I do not know. The four of us were close friends trying to find a den for us to live in. For now, we were at peace; that was until a Human child spotted us. A few moons went by, and so we found ourselves in a sticky situation. That was mostly how we got here, the rest–I would shrug at that question.

Diego was kind of like a leader to us; not strong physically, but mentally. James: the joyful and silliest of them all. Mateo: the Monster Human built for anything. And me…well, I can’t say that I’m any of the things I just listed.

“GET DOWN!” Mateo shouted, pulling James and me to the ground by our tails. Mateo’s grip on us was rather stronger than what I had expected. “Quickly! We have to get out of here!”

Diego was already gone, and so we had to find him. We were quick to discover a trail of blood leading to Diego being tied up in vines, blood trickling from his nose. I was quick to rush to his aid. “Wait, Jackson! This could be a trap!” Mateo tried to grab my tail.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed before my eyes, pinning me down to the ground. Sunlight shined on their face, and so they were recognizable. “Emir?”

“Yep,” he stood up, putting on his hockey mask, “I knew there was someone alongside these borders. What are you guys doing here?”

“HUMANS!!” James exclaimed in fear, “They’re after us, and we don’t know where to go! You have to help us!”

Although Emir’s hockey mask hid his face, it was clear that he was more than concerned. “All right, all right. I think I know a place where we can hide. It’s near the high school.”

“Before we go,” I ask, “Why was Diego tied up in vines?”

Emir looked behind him, Diego still unconscious. “Don’t worry about him. He’ll wake up eventually.”

Meanwhile, more Monster Humans were on the run. Their faces are unrecognizable, but their intentions are perhaps the same as us. All that was known was there were two females and one male. Just like us, they were fleeing from their once beloved homes into a place where they don’t recognize anything.

There was a point in time where my friends and I had all settled down in a den. Diego was still healing from not only a bloody nose, but a crooked tail. I asked Emir where we should travel to in order to stay safe.

“Big Bear is our only safe haven now,” he told all of us, “If we can get to there within forty-eight hours, we’ll be home free.”

“What about us?” Interjected a voice.

To be continued…