She-Hulk Episode 6 Breakdown *SPOILERS*


Photo by Christina Guerrero

Christina Guerrero, Journalist

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is Marvel Studios most recent show with new episodes every Thursday on Disney Plus. The show has brought a number of cameos and mentions from the Abomination returning to Steve Rodgers being referenced. The show has brought awareness to how it is to be a woman in the workplace/everyday life. The constant cameos have led to mixed reviews from fans.

When asked about the cameos of the show MCU fan Amber Frewing said, “They have more cameos than ‘Multiverse of Madness” and when they brought Megan in the Stallion I was in shock.”

While She-Hulk has brought a new side to the Marvel Universe with its comedy and awareness of how it is to be a woman in the workplace this hasn’t come without criticism. Reviews from viewers have labeled the show as “the end of the mcu” and “unfunny” due to the constant cameos and comedy aspects of the show.

When asked about the comedy of She-Hulk, Frewing said “With the comedy, it made me laugh at some points, but most of the time I think they tried too hard, but I did laugh when they were talking about Steve.”

Another fan Tiffany Guerrero said “Most people might think it may be a little bit much but it’s a nice idea.”

In this week’s episode, Jennifer (She-Hulk) is invited to a wedding. Jennifer attends in her She-Hulk form, but then the bride asks her to be “Just Jen” for the weekend.

After this scene in the office of the law firm there is a new client, Mr. Immortal, who wants to fake his death to leave his wife. Since he’s immortal he then jumps out the window and walks away.

Cut back to the wedding Jennifer is then asked about her love life when Titania walks into the wedding. Jennifer makes a scene then Titania says “not everything is about you Jennifer.” Jennifer storms out and meets a man named Josh.

Turns out Mr. Immortal has faked his death numerous times and has numerous ex spouses. Every spouse is then all offered compensation for being married to him and ends the Mr. Immortal story line of the episode.

Back at the wedding, Jennifer expresses to Josh that she wanted to be as amazing as She-Hulk for the wedding and calls Bruce(Hulk) saying she’s been trying to contact him but gets no answer. She then throws up and Titania reappears then Jennifer turns into her She-Hulk form. Jennifer launches Titania onto the dance floor where she then face plants and leaves the wedding upset.

At the law firm Jennifer’s friend, Nikki Ramos, finds a She-Hulk website filled with memes, but also death threats for Jennifer. In the ending scene it is Jennifer talking with Josh, but then fades to a lab where a giant needle is placed into a briefcase with no other explanation.

When asked for final thoughts on the show, Guerrero said, “I don’t think they hit all those aspects of what the show should be.”

Frewing said, “I would give it a 7/10. The casting was great, Tatiana did a great job playing Jennifer.”

Overall, this week’s episode didn’t add much to the story and made it slightly more confusing for viewers, but we will see what happens in the next three episodes of the series.