Short Story of the Week!


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

Child Savior II

By Ethan J. Roberts

Alarmed, I grabbed Gluttony’s spear. It was then that a scent filled the air with an intriguing thought. Where is Gluttony? The scent was rather familiar, almost as if he were baking something for me. I was hungry and desperate for shelter, so I followed the scent.

I was led to a dark, abandoned castle–covered in moss and vines, rats scurrying about. I expected it to be somewhat warm inside. It was not. Cold, dark, mysterious, and perhaps dangerous. I grabbed a torch and slowly sauntered about the cobblestone. What quickened my walking pace was the sound of Gluttony; he was screaming. Walking to running, and as soon as the scream got louder, running became sprinting.

A trail of blood got me closer to the supposed throne room; I had reached a locked door, to which I used my hooves to burst it open. There lay Gluttony, head on a shelf and body on the floor–the cages of children to my right. It was clear to me that these children were held here against their will, and they desperately needed help. A loud thud erupted from behind. When I turned around, there was this entity that had no face, only a body of black with long, black claws.

I stood my ground and shouted, “You have committed many sins of that of a murderer! And so, you shall be punished for not only killing my friend, but for kidnapping and enslaving these children!”

The shadow said nothing, attempting to strike by slashing their claws onto my face. I dodged it quickly and jumped as high as I could to reach the key that dangled from the ceiling. I had stunned the shadow by pushing my hooves against their head. With the perpetrator stunned, I took advantage of the chance to unlock all cages and set the children free. I urged each and every one of them to escape as quickly as possible.

Today, my statue stands in the center of the kingdom, standing tall and representing not only my heroism, but my good friend, Gluttony.