Should The Freshman Football Team Have Tryouts?


Aiden Gaither (Nox)

Eleanor Roosevelt HS at an away game against Martin Luther King HS. August 18, 2022

Charlie Eik, Journalist

The freshman football team just had a game on Wednesday, Sept. 14, winning 28-8, bringing their record to two wins and three losses. For some, how this year’s team is doing may beg the question, “Should the team have tryouts or consider some type of evaluation for players?”

I had asked the head freshman football coach, Scott Usher: “Would you ever consider doing tryouts to better assess and build a team, or to at least see players’ skill levels?” and he responded “Yes, we have considered tryouts. Coach Leach – Head Football Coach and I want to support students who want to play football. Players have to put in a lot of work because football is a demanding sport. We develop our players with strength and speed training in the summer and through the season to prepare our players to be their best.”

So I’m glad to say that it’s good to see coaches caring about their athletes.

I personally believe that they should let those who want to play be able to play. But still, have some form of evaluation to see what players need to individually work on. And also just to see who would be better to play and who can do their job. To get more people’s thoughts on the topic, I had done some interviews asking people if they thought the team should have tryouts or evaluations.

ERHS @ MLK offensive line holding blocks, protecting the running back and quarterback (Aiden Gaither (Nox))

One interviewee, ERHS freshman Ayden Franco, said “The freshman team needs a revaluation of what they’re working with. They haven’t had the greatest start, and tryouts would be a good way to potentially get more people involved that make the freshman team shine.”

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t agree. I think that they should promote football to get more people involved. Even if it’s just for a year, to let people get a taste for the sport. And maybe some players will enjoy it more than they thought they would and continue playing.

That being said, it could be seen as unfair when most people who join the freshman team are interested in learning how to play; or haven’t ever played before.

ERHS Frosh team player Pamela Gustafson said “I think they shouldn’t [have tryouts] only because some people never played before so it’s not completely fair.”

ERHS Frosh player Aiden Gaither (Nox) added, “The frosh team already has some form of assessment in practice and that determines playing time.”

I noticed that by interviewing people both involved and not involved with the team, both sides see the team differently, however, ERHS freshman Viktoria Villena makes a good point.

“They should have tryouts because it’s a representation of the school…” Villena said.

So I personally can side with Villena and Franco that they should have tryouts (or at the very least evaluations). But I can also understand where players like Gaither and Gustafson come from, and that tryouts might discourage new players from trying a new sport. But either way, I hope that the team continues to grow.