Euphoria Recap and Review *SPOILERS*


Yazmin Gamboa

What is the main purpose of this show you may ask? Well, this show is about a teenager named Rue, played by Zendaya, who is recovering from drug addiction. This show touches on the challenges teens face growing up in a way where emotions are felt and not talked about. “Euphoria” came out June 16, 2019, and has recently enjoyed a burst in popularity. I don’t know why people are barley talking about it now, but it’s been out for three years now. I got a lot of things from watching the show. Yes, some people believe it is inappropriate, but in reality it was worth watching it and it may show people that they aren’t the only ones going through something, and that there’s a better way to help it.

“Euphoria” also shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to show the world or anyone who you really are, as in, sexuality, your personality, etc. You can be this amazing person on the inside and people will just judge you off looks. People also use your problems against you, which a lot of us need to work on.

Rue’s story in this show is about the loss of her father, he had passed away from cancer, and one thing that reminds her of her father is his purple hoodie that she wears everyday.

She’s also a drug addict, to numb the pain, and forget that her dad is gone. Rue has a 13 year old sister named Gia. Gia worries about her sister Rue. Rue also fights with her mother and sister at times, but that’s because they try to help her get clean, but she doesn’t want to.

Rue had a best friend she grew up with named Fezco, who goes by Fez. When Fez was still a child he was taken in by his grandmother, Marie O´Neill, who is a drug dealer, as his father was physically abusive to him. This led Marie to show up in a club one day and shoot him two times in his thighs for giving Fez a black eye. From that moment she became Fezco´s caretaker.

Though it was impossible to guess, Fez was good at school, especially in math. One day, as he returned home from school, his grandmother introduced him to little Ashtray.

Ashtray, or Ash, was collateral, something that her client chose to keep as a deposit to ensure their payment. Later on, as they grew up, Ashtray became a little brother to Fezco. They were both each other’s “ride & die.” No matter what happened to Fezco, Ash was going to be there for him, because they were all they had, each other.

Marie ended up getting sick, and Fez had to take care of her. His grandmother was a drug dealer so as she got sick, Ash and Fez became drug dealers, it ran in the family.

The character of Fez is highlighted by the relationship he has with Rue in the series, which is described as “friends.” As close as they were to each other, Fez thought of Rue as his sister.

Fez also helps Rue with the drugs. Later on in the show, he pushed her out his door.

In season 1, New years Eve came along. Rue went into the laundry room to do drugs, but then in the same room, she had met Elliot. Elliot ended up hooking Rue up with drugs that he was taking, because he was also going through stuff. His only escape to him, was drugs. After that night, Rue had a new best friend. Elliot stuck by Rue’s side no matter what, especially at low times.

In season 2 episode 8, Rue had to go apologizing for what she’s done, to her loved ones, her friends, and those who cared for her. Rue went over to Elliot’s house to apologize to him as well. Elliot had told her that he wrote a song for her, it doesn’t really have a title or a song name, so everyone just calls it “Elliot’s Song.” This song is about a love note from one friend to another. Letting his friends know that they aren’t alone, and that he’ll be there for them no matter what. In this situation, he was telling Rue that he’s grateful to have her, and that no matter what she did, even if it hurt him, she didn’t mean it, and he’d still love her.

Jules was a new girl in town,

and later on became best friends with Rue. Since Jules was about seven or eight, she dealt with bouts of depression, and self-harm largely stemming from gender dysphoria, which led to the point where her mother took her to a psychiatric hospital against her will at age 11. Everyone judged her because she was trans, or because the way she dressed or acted. Yes, she acted “different” or dressed “differently” but no matter what she is or does, she will always be a human with a good heart.

In season 2, Rue and her became more than just best friends. Rue started liking Jules more because it was like she could understand her. They had fights here and there, but they always came back to each other.

Cal Jacobs,

is the father of Nathaniel Jacobs. Cal would hookup with younger people, as in teens, and mainly younger men. He ended up filming everyone of them. He also hooked up with Jules. Cal is a serial cheater, and he got caught secretly recording his motel hookups by his deviant son, Nate.

Cal Jacobs was married to Nate’s mom, Marsha. When Nate was little he would go into his dads office and find these CDs and play them on the computer. They were recordings of his dads hookups. Nate was too young to watch that, and who knows if he even knew what it really was.

In season 2, Cal finally came out to his family. Nate was kind of upset, because now people at school are going to talk about it.

Nate Jacobs

is a popular student and the star quarterback of East Highland High School. He has a deeply ingrained sense of violent behavior due to his ideologies regarding toxic masculinity, his upbringing and the struggles he faces with his sexuality as a result. Around the school was a rumor that his dad was gay and that he would turn out just like his father. He very much took that as an insult. He had a girlfriend named Maddy Perez. They were both toxic in a way, but also very much in love with each other.

Now this reflects on Maddy.

She was also one of the popular girls in school. Maddy was in love with Nate Jacobs, as many times everyone has told her to leave him because of the way he treated her, she always stayed, and so has he. It wasn’t the violence that scared her, it is was the fact that no matter what he did, she’d still love him. Since Maddy was also the popular girl in school, nobody wanted to mess with her, because everyone knew how she was.

Cassie was Maddy’s best friend, but she always caused problems. She is mentally insecure and can make bad decisions while getting lost in her own problems. Cassie comes from a very abusive family where her parents fought constantly. Being very attached to her father, when Cassie is abandoned by her father it results in her falling in love with all the guys she dates. Cassie doesn’t know how to love right, and that’s only because her parents never showed her, nobody did.

On New Years Eve, Nate and Cassie had hooked up, they were both trying to hide it from Maddy, especially Cassie since she’s her “best friend.”

Season 2 Episode 5, Maddy ends up finding out about Cassie and Nate. Cassie was also an emotional wreck in the show but again, she causes problems of her own. Cassie and Maddy were no longer friends.

As good as the show was, it’s all about issues faced by people in reality. In my opinion, I think it’s a good thing that they released this show, only because it helped me relate to a lot of it and made me realize I’m not the only one who suffers with the whole “love” thing. I only related to Rue and Maddy, as I’m sure a lot of people can, especially Rue. For the most part I mostly relate to Maddy more, only because, I’ve been through a stage where I’m “in love” with someone and they treat me badly, but I still went back or still stayed. Yes, I’m working on it, but it was hard for me.

Overall, I think that it is a really good show and I highly recommend it.