What do I want my 20s to look like ?


Yazmin Gamboa

When I’m 20, I would like my life to not be complicated, not stressful. I would hope I would have a job, a car, and definitely still have my friends and family with me. I’m willing to come home and see my high school diploma in a frame as well. There are many things I’m willing to do when I’m around that age of life. I have goals, dreams; things I want and see myself accomplishing.

How do I think my 20s are going to look? I don’t really know to be honest, I just see myself doing me, paying for my hair, and nails, taking care of myself, as I should, and having a good job. I do want to become a writer and I do see myself writing about different stories.

I have a good group of friends right now. It’s okay to have a small group of friends, because not many people are actually there for you like they say. When I’m in my 20s, I hope to still be friends with the people I’m friends with. I only have like one friend which is my best friend Kaitlyn, she’s been there for me since day one. Yeah, we may have issues here and there, but other than that, we know how to be there for each other. She’s not only my friend, she’s also my family. She’s there for me when I need her.

I have a dog, her name’s Twixy, she is currently eight, her birthday is on February 14. I’ve had her since I was little. I sleep with her, play with her, cuddle her, she’s there for me when I feel lonely. She is also my emotional supporter, and when I have no one to talk to, I talk to her as if she were to talk back. I wish I could keep her forever, but I know one day she won’t be able to stay anymore. Yeah, I have family that care about me, and  yeah, I know I have Kaitlyn, but my dog- she’s my baby, my best friend. I just can’t lose her and that is something about the future I don’t want to think about.

A job I want, hmmm, I honestly don’t know what job I want. If being a journalist is a job opportunity for me, then I want to be a journalist. I love writing and I will continue to love writing. One reason why I love writing is because it distracts me. We all go through things and we all find something that helps us. As for me, I write, because that helps me clear my mind and it’s always distracted me.

Another job I have been thinking about pursuing is to be a therapist. I have been wanting to be a therapist for a while now, the only reason why is because I know there are a lot of kids, parents, people in general who need help, or need someone to talk to. I have always wanted to help people, especially those who need it.

Somewhere I would want to live is probably in Fontana, I’m not gonna lie. I was born in Orange County, at Choc Children’s hospital. My parents had a big house back in Fontana, in the early 2000s, and for a bit my baby sister and I grew up there. My sister was a few months old when my mom had moved out, and I was around 3 or 4, but I see and remember Fontana as a chill city to live in. Plus if my mom still lives in the house she’s in right now I can be probably 30 minutes away. So yeah, I probably see myself living there.

I would also want to live in Texas, but then I think about the things like tornados and hurricanes, even though I know out here in California, we get earthquakes. I would want to live in Texas because I guess the weather is better, you can get bigger houses, and because it’s cheaper out there. Oh and it’s more green out there, California is really dry.

Places I want to visit: I’ve been to Nicaragua, where my mom’s side of the family’s from, and I’ve been to Mexico, where my dad’s family’s from. A lot of people always talk about Hawaii and Miami, Florida, and I really want to visit those two places. I heard they’re really pretty as well. For the most part, I would like to travel the whole world.

Some hobbies that I do now are, watch Netflix, write, and pretty much that’s it. As I get older, I definitely want to start a fitness workout. When I’m around my 20s, have my own car and have money, I definitely want to make my own routine, before work, after work, in the morning on weekends. Make plans with friends and family. I sure do want to be independent.

One thing about me is I love to keep myself busy. Not distracted, not bothered, just keeping myself busy. I think once I start driving I’m going to start looking for a job and start seeing if I could get a gym membership. I also see myself taking pictures of a lot of things and being a photographer. Maybe making my own book or album of pictures.

I see myself being independent and in a better place than I was before.