Best Friends Meet


Yazmin Gamboa

Back in 8th grade, a girl in my 5th period said the name “Kaitlyn” and I had turned around. Kaitlyn at the time was talking to this one guy from this group, but after I told her about that group, she and I just started talking. From there, we have been friends for almost four years. She has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I’ve been there for her, and she’s been there for me when we need each other. Since 8th grade we’ve always had one or more classes together.

We’re Juniors in high school now and we’re honestly closer than ever.


I am very attached to her. Out of everybody at the school or in general, she is the only person I will trust, hang out with, and talk to at the end of the day.

Kaitlyn is smart, beautiful, caring, doesn’t care what other people say, and mostly, she’s there for those who she loves. Yeah, we have our rough moments, and we may argue here or there, but we always know how to communicate and fix things with each other.

On the topic of meeting our best friends, we all have a best friend who is like a sister, a brother, or just like family to us. Here are a few other perspectives on how people met their best friends and why they mean so much to each other.

My cousin, Maddy, has known her best friend since 5th grade, but right now she goes to a different school. He best friend is like a sister to her, they laugh all the time over the dumbest things, but when they need advice or help, they knows they can always go to each other and talk about anything.

I asked another friend of mine, named Cheyanne, who her best friend was. She told me it was her boyfriend Jaden. He makes her feel so much safer and peaceful when they talk. According to her, she loves him the most and he’s her favorite ever. He makes her feel so much better about herself. He brings happiness to her life by talking to her everyday and telling her he loves her. She just adores him.

I also asked a student from another high school, Jathan, if he had a best friend and how he feels about them. Jathan said his cousin was his best friend. He told me that they have basically been in each other’s life since the start. If his parents had to leave him somewhere, it would be there. They started off at a younger age mostly just making up games for fun, their imagination was crazy and they were never bored of each other even as they got older. As they got older, they could talk about anything or do anything that would be fun. If their families went somewhere they’d just be hanging out always doing something.

Having a best friend is someone who you can always count on, as in, if you ever need anyone to talk to , or someone just to be there with or for you. A best friend can always be your sister. It’s someone who you can count on without hesitating.