A Child’s Best Friend


Yazmin Gamboa

In 2014, my sister, mom, and I were trying to look for a dog because my sister and I have always wanted one. My mom pulled out her phone, and started searching up what kind of dog we wanted. She had pulled up a picture of a wiener dog and I thought they were really cute. My mom had told me at the time that my cousin Destiny’s friend was selling puppies and they were wiener dogs. One day my mom had gotten a message saying that we could go pick out a dog. March 13, 2014 I had gotten my first dog in a long time.

We took her to my Aunt’s house and showed everybody my new doggie. I was having a hard time picking a name for her so we tried different names to see what she would respond to.

My Uncle Chuy kept saying the name “Chocolate” and my sister and I kept saying “ Twixy”. I loved Twixy because she was brown & she looked like the chocolate Twix. We kept saying the names back & forth, and she kept responding to “Twixy”. So, She finally gave us our final answer, and we ended up naming her Twixy. Best day of life.

Twixy’s birthday is February 14, when I found out when her birthday was, I thought it was pretty cool.

These past 8 years having Twixy has absolutely been the best. She’s literally my whole world, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.


Back in 2018, my sister, Alina, had gotten a puppy for her birthday. My sister always wanted her own dog to have as her own best friend I guess you can say. On February 10, 2018 we had just come home from our dad’s. My mom told us to wait in the garage so she can “do something.”

We ended up walking inside and my mom was already recording. My sister walked in first.

“Who’s that?” My sister asked. “Who’s that?” She asked again.

She held the dog, a chihuahua, and she’s really tiny. Her ears were flopped when she was a puppy, and as she grew up her ears stood up.

My sister named her dog Snowflake. Once she got her dog, she was really happy. Alina was excited that she had gotten a dog and that the dog was also so small. She was soft as a baby and she would fall asleep in her arms. She loves cuddling and she loves when my sister scratches her ears. She didn’t teethe for that long as well. She’s a good dog and when she was little, she was so dumb but funny, which is what Alina loves about Snowflake.

On July 10, 2019, my best friend Kaitlyn got an English Bulldog and named her Lola. She was really excited and happy when she got her. They got her a pink collar that has sparkles on it with her name and their phone number printed on it. Lola is there for Kaitlyn when she feels alone. When Kaitlyn and I are on facetime, she shows her dog and plays with her. She also takes her out for walks. Kaitlyn also feels like she wouldn’t know what she would do without her dog.

On December 24, 2014, my friend Clarissa had gotten her first dog. She named him Paws. She loves him to death and he’s like her best friend and her emotional supporter. He’s so cute, but ugly looking in a way (Clarissa’s words, ahaha) He’s funny to look at. He’s there for her when nobody else is.

Clarissa feels the same as Kaitlyn and I do, we would not know what to do without our furry best friends.