Martha- Part 2

Jacob Bryant

August 22nd, 1832

“What did you see?”, my older brother asked me. ” I don’t know how to explain it mama told me to let it go so please stop askin me about it.” I said heading into the main house starting my chores. Typically when my brother asks the me a question he just trying to annoy me but there was something different about him asking me this time, he seemed concerned and that he knew what he was leading on.  I walked in and saw Master Humphrey he approached me and said, ” Boy I am having a very important event tonight I need you working in the house all day today cleaning up and then working the party tonight. You understand?”

“Yes Master Humphrey.” I said back. As he walked away I started walking back to my outhouse. I walked back in the outhouse to drop off the small amount of cotton that I had gathered and walked right past that book. Against all of my instincts I motioned towards it as whispers came out of it. I bent down and I picked it up when I did the pages flung open but there where no words just visions from the past,present, and the future. It felt like I was dragged into the book, I saw the formation of America and the Atlantic slave trade where the same book was made in on the outskirts of a plantation.

The book was handed down to my grandmother who then gave it to my mother. I then saw the worst thing possible my mother and my brother lynched from a tree. I woke out of that trance and then I started crying, I couldn’t describe what I saw I was just overcome with sadness and grief.  I slammed the book shut put it back where I found it and ran back into the main house and started cleaning as quickly as a possibly could. I got to Master Humphrey’s office and the book was on his desk. My heart dropped into my stomach, I grabbed the book and ran back outside to the outhouse and put it under the floor boards. I sprinted out of the outhouse and then back into the house it was starting to get dark when I saw Angelica waiting outside of the house,

“Hey where did you go?” She said in a concerned way.

” I had to go back and take care of something.” I said back quickly walking past her

“Are you okay?” She asked

” Yes ma’am just nervous for the party.” I said back

” Why are you calling me ma’am? We have been friends since we where kids. ” She said back getting irritated.

” I am sorry it’s just been a weird day, and this party has me concerned.” I weakly said back

” You can talk to me.” She said grabbing my arm

I wanted to tell her about the book, about how I really feel about her right when I was about to tell her Master Humphrey walked up and said,

“Boy I have a suit for you to put on let’s go.” He said in a commanding voice

” Good luck.” she said giving me a hug

I walked in the house with a smile on my face little did I know how fast that happiness would go away.