Audreyville- Part 7

Exorcism- the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons, jinns, or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that is believed to be possessed.

Audreyville- Part 7

Jacob Bryant

“A what??” my dad said, leaping out if his chair.

“The Father is recommending that your house gets a cleansing to get rid of the demonic spirit in your house,” Heather said, trying to calm my dad down.

“I understand how crazy and rash this sounds, but this entity is targeting your son and we need to step in and do something before this situation goes from bad to worse. But I cannot follow through with it without your full cooperation,” The priest said looking at my parents.

“James, this thing is hurting our family, it tried to kill our son, we need to do this.”

My dad got out of the chair walked over to the Father and said, ” I am trusting you with this Father, you have our permission to perform the EXORCISM.”

I call Alex to let her know what is happening at my house.  She asked me if it was okay if she came over, I didn’t think it was a good idea for her to  be exposed to this, I haven’t seen an EXORCISM in person, but if it looks anything like the way it looks in movies I don’t want her anywhere near it. She was insisting on the fact that she needed to be at the house. I eventually gave in and said okay and she said she would be over as soon as she could.

Meanwhile, Heather and her team were getting set up for the EXORCISM. They wanted to do some preliminary work before they started. I showed them the tree where I had first seen the spirit.

“Thomas I need a camera set up right under the tree,  I would like it angled directly at Arthur’s room if the spirit comes this way the camera will pick it up. Phil go in the house and set up all of the interior cameras; make sure you put the other ultraviolet one in Arthur’s bathroom,” Heather said in a commanding tone.

I helped Thomas set up the cameras outside. “Kid everything is gonna be okay,” he said seeing me visibly worried.

“I really hope so,” I said back.

“My house was haunted too, ya know,” he said getting off of the ladder.

“Really?” I said with a look of confusion.

“Back when I was about your age I lived with my mom and my brother and every night we would hear random knocking on the front door. Naturally we answered it just to find no one there, the knocking eventually turned to things that where more aggressive. The knocking turned into banging, objects where being thrown, we felt helpless. The spirit wound up taking control of my brother. We called in the priest from our local church he performed an EXORCISM on my brother, it was painful to watch, but fortunately enough it worked,” Thomas said while grabbing his cross necklace. “Sometimes you just need to have a little bit of faith Arthur.” He said as he was going in the house.

I looked up into my room and walked into the house. Alex came in the driveway, I went by her car when she got out I was trying to convince her to leave but she had some what of an obsession with the house.

The Father came down the stairs and asked, “Who’s this?”

“This is one of my friends, Alex, she’s here for moral support,” I said.

“Arthur I really don’t think it is a good idea for her to be here.”

“I already talked to her about it before she came, we are good,” I said trying to be as upbeat and positive as I could.

“Okay Arthur, I strongly advise against it, but that’s your choice,” Father Williams told me.

All of the cameras and other equipment were set up around the house, it was time to start the EXORCISM.

“I caution all of you, when we begin, do not talk to or acknowledge the spirit, stay quiet and absolutely calm. Heather, grab the holy water and the sage from my bag,” Father Williams said, getting his cross necklace.

Heather returned with all of the items, but when she came around the corner into the back room she was dragged by her hair back into the other room. We all ran into the room where she was levitating off of the floor, a knife was almost at her throat when I jumped up and grabbed her.  She was in shock, she started stuttering and was paralyzed with fear, she went to the corner by our couch and just had a blank expression on her face.

“We need to do this right now,” Father Williams said as we ran over turned off the lights and lit the candles.

The room was silent when Heather started making stranger noises, we all looked that direction to see her eyes were all black, there was blood coming from her eyes as she let out a sadistic laugh. Father Williams asked in a commanding voice, “Are you the spirit who is infesting this home?”

“Grrrrr…… I will kill you all,” the spirit said.

“Why are you attached to this family?” the Father asked.

“They took my son.”

“Am I talking to Martha?” Father Williams asked.

“Martha is goooonnnneeeeeee.”

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“I was sleeping, but I was summoned now, the boy’s soul will be mine.”

“Who summoned you!!!???” I screamed at the spirit.

“Arthur no!” Father Williams screamed at me.

Heather jumped up and attacked me, she scratched me on my chest and I screamed in pain.  My Dad rushed Heather.

“Quickly strap her to the chair!” Father Williams said. “We need to expel the spirit from Heather if we do that we can get rid of it entirely.”

“Wait we are going to perform the EXORCISM on Heather?” Thomas asked in a worried tone.

“Yes Thomas, if we don’t, the spirit will take over and we will lose,” Father Williams said.

Heather started moving around violently, when we looked at her a demonic face had replaced Heather’s. The Father started reading the Bible verses louder and louder, the demon kept growling at the Father.  The furniture started moving around, the chair levitated and almost fell on Alex. I quickly jumped and pushed her out of the way, my leg was stuck between the bottom of the chair and the couch.  My Dad came over and lifted the couch.

“By the power of God I cast you out of this person and out of this house!” Father Williams shouted.

The walls started to crack, as the spirit was being expelled from Heather’s body the windows blew open, glass cracked and Heather’s body went limp.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Alex screamed.

“Alex what’s wrong?” I asked as I saw Alex grabbing a knife.

“You got rid of my great great grandmother!!” She yelled at me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her.

“Martha was my great great grandmother. My great grandfather was Martha’s second child, he watched as that savage Randal Humphrey killed her and his brother.  He practiced magic after and it was passed down all the way to me, this house was evil and I wanted to see it burn. So I was the one who brought her back. I really did care for you Arthur, but she needs a soul and unfortunately it has to be you,” She said as she brought out a knife.

She swung it my direction, but she missed the first time. I hit it out if her hand, out of no where my Dad came and side tackled her to the ground. She scratched my Dad in the face as she ran out of the front door. I ran after her, but she got in her car and sped off. I went back in the house to check on my Dad. He said it was fine and asked if I caught her, I told him that she got away. Heather was okay, just a little shook up. Father Williams told us that the spirit was gone and the house was cleansed.

“Arthur, I would love to get a couple of words from you for my next article,” Heather told me.

I gave her a couple of quotes and they left.

We wound up staying in the house until I graduated. I actually got a couple of football scholarships and now I am enrolled at Texas Tech. Alex was never seen or heard from again. I am still paranoid that she is gonna show up again.

I heard a new family moved into the old house, I pray to God they don’t experience what we had to.