The Return of Attack on Titan’s Wrath


Yazmine Lorenzo

Everyone, grab your tissues and popcorn… “Attack on Titan’s” (Shingeki no Kyojin) final season part 2 is upon us! This heart-wrenching phenomenon has finally been confirmed for a January 2022 release. With 1 million views on the teaser, fans from around the world are thrilled over this bittersweet ending.


The official Twitter for AOT stated that it would return “This Winter” after the cliffhanger episode 75 which left fans hanging with excitement and and anticipation.

“I’m really excited to see these intense action scenes between the main character, Eren Jaeger, and his friends,” Ysabella Serrano said. “Part of me cannot wait and part of me is saddened by the idea of such an amazing, influential show seeing its last air on Japanese television, along with international fans streaming from all around the world.”

While many anime-only fans grieve, some are curious over the mystery the teaser presents. It leaves you questioning what to expect from the strange quotes to Eren Jaeger standing in front of an explosion. Quotes like “All this time…” or “For 2000 years” could be seen in the teaser as other events unfold. This caused fans to feel puzzled with soon to be answered questions; Who is waiting for who? What is Eren’s real motive? Who is the girl in the beginning? You truly don’t know what to expect from such a short video.

In this article, we discussed with two more AOT fans. Denise Arce, a senior from ERHS, added that the quotes from the teaser made her curious because we don’t know who it’s pertaining to.  This makes her interested in the second part of the season based on the oddity it sparked.

Maiela Figueroa, another senior from ERHS, also added that she was expecting something longer at first, but was pleasantly surprised by all the little images and visual content that focused on the later episodes. She’s also excited to see what happens to Eren and all the other characters – especially with all the “different memory tridbits.”

What are some of your thoughts? We would love to hear your theories and comments about the bittersweet ending!

Main characters from left to right: Sasha Braus, Levi Ackerman, Hange Zoë, Jean Kirstein, and Armin Arlert