Charles Howard, Journalist

    Invincible, an American adult animated TV series with art styles similar to “The Justice League,” was written by Robert Kirkman while Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker contributed to the art. Kirkman was also responsible for the making of “Ant-Man,” “Ultimate X-men,” “Irredeemable,” and “Marvel Zombies.” Right now the series is currently available for viewing on amazon prime, the final eight episodes of season one aired on April 8, yet it first came out on March 25.

The premise of the show is about a 17 year old teenage boy named Mark Greyson whose father just so happens to be the strongest hero on earth, Omniman. Although late, Mark’s powers came to, and on his journey to mastering his newfound abilities he comes to realize the reality the superhero world. Mark, along with his mother, slowly but surely discover the traumatizing truth of an unexpected foe. The series is riveting and is worth the watch, so spoilers will be kept at a minimum here.


When first going into the series there are a few clichés and stereotypes one can expect due to the fact that the creators are famously known for some of the most popular shows, comic, and movies. As one goes through each episode is becomes apparent that those clichés and expectations are broken down, the only main similarity between previous Marvel series and “Invincible” was the animation style.

The level of violence, psychological strain, and gore implemented into the show was surprising. Usually, one would agree that type of content is usually found in Japanese/Chinese anime. I myself was thrown off when I first started watching the show, but the surprise was a welcome one, as I found myself deeply invested in this new series. “Invincible” is a good watch for those looking for a good story.