The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale breakdown

Spoiler Warning!


Cayden Fisher

Cap would be proud. We finally made it to the end of the season. We start the episode where we left off in episode 5 in the GRC building. Enough time has passed for law enforcement to arrive and Bucky to be suited up in his Winter Soldier gear. Sam says backup is coming, Sharon Carter surprises him using the face swap technology from the Captain America Winter Soldier movie. Falcon then flies overhead in his new wing suit. Karli then activates the Flag Smashers plan, throwing gas into the room with all the GRC, causing them to leave. Falcon then enters the building from a window, revealing his new Captain America suit, which looks similar to the suit in the comic book.

Kyle commented, “I loved how they asked who he was and replied Captain America.”

Batroc surprises Falcon by trying to kill him, who we later find out is the Power Broker and hires him. Bucky gets on the phone with Karli telling her that she’s fighting for the wrong side referencing him being Hydra.

Falcon as Captain America

Before she ends the call she tells him that she was trying to slow him down so he wouldn’t be able to take the hostages that the Flag Smashers have. We get a fight scene with Falcon and Batroc. The fight seems pretty even yet Falcon does have the advantage because of his new suit and shield. Falcon then runs off to chase after the Flag Smashers in a helicopter which allows the audience to see his new wing suit. We also get to see the new version of Red Wing and its AI functions using it to see if anyone can take over the helicopter after knocking the Flag Smasher pilot out of it. He does use Red Wing to pull him out of the helicopter mid air, he does save him from falling to his death.

Kyle added, “Falcon got some serious upgrades thanks to the Wakandans.”

Throughout the episode Karli starts to slowly lose it more and more, going down the same path as John Walker. After Karli takes over the convoy with all the hostages, Bucky shows up and does the same motorcycle throw Cap did in “Age of Ultron,” but this time using the motorcycle to throw him. Karli then starts a fire around the hostages to distract Bucky once more. John Walker shows up shouting for Karli. She talks about Battlestar’s death saying his life didn’t matter which only pisses off John even more causing him to throw his homemade Captain America shield at her. The Flag Smashers then start to gang up on John, but Bucky actually saves him. John starts calming down this episode and acting more like a hero, but before that he still tries to kill Karli, just constantly attacking her. She then sneaks away and drives one of the cars off of a cliff. John then comes to his senses and tries to save the truck full of people.

Falcon ends up saving the day with the truck, but still shines light on John for doing something good. Bucky saves John again when Karli tries to spear him. John teams up with Bucky and Sam chasing after Batroc and the Flag Smashers that got away in the smoke. Down in the underground tunnels, Karli and Sharon Carter have a stand off which reveals to the audience that she has been the Power Broker this whole time, she explains that she became the Power Broker because she wanted to change the world that betrayed her. She also goes into detail about why she hired Karli, explaining she saw herself in her and wanted muscle, but Karli crossed her to set up her plan which upset her. Batroc shows up and Carter then reveals that she hired him to spy on Karli at the summit so she would be able to stop the Flag Smashers and save the hostages so she can get the pardon she wanted. We find out that her whole goal was to infiltrate the government and military so she has access to weapons and eventually sell it to the highest bidders. Batroc tries to blackmail her demanding more money, she kills him and when Falcon reaches her it makes it seem like she was the victim because Karli shot her.

Chell commented, “this was a great twist on Sharon’s part.”

John Walker as US Agent

We see more of Falcons wingsuit ability while Karli hulks out screaming for him to fight her. We cut to Bucky and John after he’s calmed down, we see that he and Bucky have no hard feelings towards each other. Falcon flies into the crowd carrying Karli’s body with many people making jokes on what his name is now. He meets with the senators that he met with in episode 1 and talks them down from going forward with their plan of relocating the refugees. We jump to Torres in the air force base and you can see that he has his tools to fix Falcons old wingsuit which could be another reference that he becomes Falcon.

They set up the post credit scene when Falcon says he’s going to get Sharon’s pardon like he said in episode 3. The camera cuts to the truck in which the Flag Smashers are in and all of them are killed by Zemo’s butler with a car bomb. We get a scene with Madame Hydra and John revealing that he is now the US Agent. Bucky finally tells Yuri that he killed his son as the Winter Soldier.

Chell adds, “I’m glad he got his closure.”

The post credit scene we get Sharon Carter getting her pardon and her job back, she calls her people as the Power Broker stating they now have access to all kinds of weapons and more.

Overall I think this was better than Wanda Vision but got a little dry here and there. The next Disney+ series dropping is Loki which comes out in June.