*SPOILERS AHEAD* Shadow and Bone a Masterpiece *SPOILERS AHEAD*


Drew Hardister

This is the tv show Shadow and Bone out on Netflix

Drew Hardister, Vice President/Journalist

The new TV show, “Shadow and Bone,” released April 23 on Netflix was a hit and even rose to the number two spot in just a few days. The show takes place in a slightly medieval past where a giant black curtain called the Fold separates the two sides of a continent. The fold was created by a Grisha who has powers; the Grisha are not well-liked, and some are even feared.

The important types of Grisha include Heartrenders, who can control people’s hearts, the Squallers who can control air, Inferni can create fire, Healers/Tailor healers heal wounds and Tailors can change people’s appearances.

The two most important and rare types of Grisha are Sun Summoners, of which there is only one, (she’s our main character) and Shadow summoners, also referred to as Darklings, of which there are only two. There are other forms of Grisha, but they are not referred to in the show.

This is Alina with two of her friends at the little palace (Drew Hardister)

The story starts with our main character, Alina Starkov (before she knows that she’s a Grisha), making a map for the first army, this is the part of the army that’s not Grisha. Eventually she finds out that she’s Grisha and is taken to Little Palace, the place that the Grisha live.  There she meets General Kirigan, the leader and general of the Second army or Grisha side of the army.

Later Alina finds out that Kirigan is evil and wants to expand and control the Fold that he once created when he was young. This she decides cannot happen, so she and her best friend and hopefully soon to be lover, Malyen referred to as Mal, make plans and take action against Kirigan. Killing him in the process (or so they thought).

At the end of the season Alina and Mal, somehow still alive, have gone into hiding, since now without the protection of the Grisha army everyone will be coveting to have the sun summoner in their possession. Meanwhile Kirigan, hurt but still alive and somehow stronger, has even more control over the Fold.

This is the moment when Alina first meets Kirigan and finds out that she is Grisha (Drew Hardister)

The show has created a following in just the week or two it’s been out and for good reason too, the summary I provided is just the skeleton of the actual show. There are so many twists and turns that I could never fully describe the show in detail. You have to watch for yourself!