The Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 4 Breakdown

Spoiler Alert!


Cayden Fisher

Captain America would be very disappointed with his predecessor. The episode starts with a flashback to six years ago with Bucky in Wakanda after his deprogramming. Bucky is working with Ayo testing to see if they have successfully deprogrammed him.

News and media website, The Guardian commented about Ayo and Bucky’s scenes stating, “Ayo called Bucky “White Wolf”, which is always nice to hear.”

We then jump to the present day with Ayo mad at Bucky for freeing Zemo. She gives Bucky eight hours before she goes after Zemo and takes him in. Once Bucky heads back to their hideout Zemo thanks Bucky for keeping him safe, trying to be buddies with Bucky. Falcon then proceeds to talk about a peaceful solution with the Flag Smashers yet Zemo believes that they need to be taken down with force, calling them supremacists. He tries to say that the Avengers are just as bad as everyone else and how everyone who has used the Super Soldier serum is bad. Zemo does admit that Steve is the only good thing that has come out of the Super Soldiers. The three then go to the GRC camp where the Flag Smashers were in episode three. They go there to get information, but Zemo is the only one who got anything using Turkish delights on children and “recruiting” them to find out where Donya Madani’s funeral is being kept to talk to Karli.

Kyle, a watcher of the show states, “good to see that Zemo is following his comic book character closely, by recruiting children like he normally does.”

The Dora Milaje

Sam does sympathize for Karli and the people of the camp, one of the refugees at the camp explains how bad everything was once people started showing up, how everyone was welcomed everywhere after the snap. After the blip, the GRC and countries went back to their old ways leaving a lot of people homeless and jobless. The people try to make it seem like the blip was a bad thing even though it was a good thing. Sam calls Sharon Carter reminding us that she is helping on the side using her satellites to track John Walker and how a war is about to break out in Madripoor after the death of Nagel.

We find out where the Flag Smashers have been hiding the 12 vials of Super Soldier serum, in one of the Flag Smashers grandparents’ graves. The character explains how much of a symbol Captain America was for everyone, how he looked up to him and how they need someone like that again. John Walker and Battlestar then barge in on Bucky, Zemo, and Sam. Sam explains that he wants to try to talk down Karli, but John says he’s going to do it his way, which is through violence. John then chains up Zemo so he can’t escape.

Sam starts talking to Karli after Donya Madani’s funeral and he almost gets through to her, but John barges in again and messes up the whole plan. Zemo escapes out of his cuffs, chases down Karli and destroys 11 out of the 12 vials of Super Soldier serum just before John knocks him out with his shield and pockets the last one.

Once back in their hideout, Zemo asks Sam if he would have taken the Super Soldier serum, he instantly replies with no, which satisfies Zemo. Bucky comes in and comments that there’s something not right with John Walker. John Walker then again bursts in, demanding that they hand over Zemo. John seems like he wants to start a fight and just when he is about to, the Dora Milaje comes in and humiliates him by beating him up with no problem. Bucky tries to end the fight but Ayo then deactivates his vibranium arm causing it to fall right off of his body and Zemo escapes using the sewers. John Walker seems depressed after the Dora Milaje beat him and as he said it was without, “… even having the Super Soldier serum.”

US Agent Rogue

John Walker and Battlestar then have a conversation later in the episode if he had the chance to take the serum would he and how the serum only makes you more of what you already are. Karli calls Sam’s sister to try to bond over hating John Walker. When the Flag Smashers meet up with Sam they talk about how they’re going to kill John Walker. Sharon then tells Sam that John is on the move. The Flag Smashers capture Battlestar, so they can separate them and kill John Walker. We then see that John Walker actually took the serum and is slowly getting his powers, first showing them off when a Flag Smasher tries to attack him with a pipe, but John bends it startling him. They then have John in a grapple hold, Karli tries to kill him, but Battlestar jumps in the way, Karli then kicks him into a pillar killing him.

The Guardian added, “A sad end for a promising character, who deserved more than being Captain America’s motivation for murder.”

John chases down the Flag Smasher who was a fan of Captain America and then kills him in broad daylight in front of everyone.

Kyle added. “Must feel bad to have someone you looked up to kill you.” Cap would never do something like this.