The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 1 Breakdown

Spoiler Warning


Cayden Fisher

Marvel’s second MCU show finally released on Disney+! The episode starts around six months after Endgame with Sam looking at Cap’s shield with old man Cap audio in the background. They opened the same way Captain America Winter Soldier opened, with a brief intro to then a big action scene in the canyons, showing off Falcon’s new wing suit. We see how his tech works that we haven’t seen in the past Marvel movies and find out that his suit is Stark Tech.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Caps shield

Since Endgame we learn that Falcon has been taking contracts with the Air Force to make money. The Lieutenant we see on the ground and throughout the episode is Lieutenant Torres, a reference to Joaquin Torres from the comics who took the mantle of Falcon after Sam Wilson took the Captain American mantle. They show how the new RedWing works, which is basically a Stark Tech drone. After all the crazy action scenes of Falcon showing off we get a more calm environment and learn how the world is after the blip.

They introduce the Flag Smasher from the comics, who in the comics is a single character but the way they work in the show is it’s a group of people with the same goal as the guy in the comics. The FlagSmashers believe that the world was much better off when half the universe was snapped.

They then reference all the conspiracy theories to what happened to Steve Rogers after Endgame, with one saying that he is on a secret base on the moon. In Marvel comics, the Avengers have visited the moon many times and it is where Marvels the Watcher is, who we have seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Stan Lee cameo.

Falcon then says he’s going back to Washington D.C to do moon stuff talking about Captain America things, going there to give them back the shield. He gives a speech talking about the meaning of Captain America and the shield saying, “symbols are nothing without the men and women that give them meaning.” Rhodey is there because he is within the military and asks why Sam didn’t take the shield, Sam replies talking about the conversation he had with Steve at the end of Endgame of feeling it was not his to take.

A fan of the MCU Chelle says “I hope we get more insight of Steve’s death.”

Kyle, a fan of the MCU stated, “this probably won’t go down too well in later episodes.”

We then see the first Winter Soldier scene with Bucky having a nightmare about one of his Hydra missions he did as Winter Soldier. He assassinates this scientist who we find out is the son of Yuri who he befriended with in the present day. He wakes up in a cold sweat sleeping on the floor, addressing his PTSD from working for Hydra. Shuri did deprogram him so the red book of Hydra commands won’t work on him. We find out that he is in therapy and that it is part of his terms of US pardon.

Chelle comments “why couldn’t we get Wanda to therapy.”

He has this plan to make amends with his past showing what he’s been doing after Endgame while taking down former Hydra agents. His therapist is the one that we have seen from the trailers. Bucky has a list of people he wants to make amends with, like Steve did in Captain America Winter Soldier having a list of things he wanted to do, but with Bucky having a list of people he wanted to make amends with creating this parallel.

He narrates him crossing one of the names on his list, taking out one of the senators that was working with hydra that he helped put in the government. We can see on his list actual comic book names, one of the bigger ones being Zemo who is one of the main villains of the series.

Kyle added, “I’m glad they’re bringing him back and exploring more of his character.”

In the therapy session they let us know that Falcon has been trying to contact Bucky. We learn that he moved back to Brooklyn where he originally is from. He winds up helping his local friends Yuri from starting a fight with his neighbor who is just trying to use his trash can. He most likely befriended him to make amends since he did kill his son who was either working with or against Hydra. They bring up wondering how his son died and did try to come clean and tell him the truth but chickens out when he saw the shrine of him.

They do have some comedy of him trying to go out on dates and using online dating, having no idea what he’s doing since he is over 100 years old. The waitress who he does end up going on a date with doesn’t know anything about him and who he really is. When he reveals that he is 106 years old she just laughs it off. He makes a reference about not having danced since 1943 which is around the time when he was rescued by Captain America after Red Skull captured and experimented on him with a version of the super soldier serum.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier new cap

We pick back up with Sam in his family’s home in Louisiana and find out he has a younger sister and nephews who were trying to survive on her own during the 5 year time jump. They have a fishing family business trying to keep it alive and let us know that being an avenger doesn’t pay the bills.

Back in Switzerland we meet the Flag Smashers and Falcons teammate who tried to infiltrate the group. We find out one of them is super strong setting up for another version of the super soldier serum that the Flag Smashers have. Just after that took place they introduced the new super soldier, the US agent Captain America on TV.

Chelle comments on the new “Captain America” saying “he looks like a crocodile.”

Sam looks like he regrets giving the shield back. I think it was a great first episode and can’t wait for the rest of them to be released.