WandaVision Episode 8 Breakdown

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WandaVision Episode 8 Breakdown

Cayden Fisher

The saddest episode in the series by far, as the episode is filled with scenes of Wanda reliving her terrible past that are tied to her powers. These scenes also answer the questions about the commercials they have on the show which are tied to major events in her life.

One big thing they did this episode was giving Agatha her own intro that changed from red to purple from her purple energy. We get a back story on where she came from and how her coven tries to kill her for using dark magic. Her mother was the one who put Agatha on trial stating that she stole knowledge above her age and station and practiced the darkest of magic. We see that her magic is stronger than theirs and started taking their life force which explains how she lived so long.

Back in present day, Agatha starts to explain to Wanda the rules of magic and what’s going on down in the basement. She explains that there’s a protective spell around and the witch who casts the room is the only one who can cast the protective spell. Once again, the topic of Wanda’s accent coming and going was brought up as Agatha teased Wanda about it. We learn that Agatha was speaking through Pietro to talk to Wanda.

A fan of the show, Chelle, comments “they keep bringing up her accent coming and going, it must be important.”

Agatha learns that Wanda has no idea of what’s going on and how she does things like creating the Hex. She then brings Wanda to her past to learn how everything started in a flashback style. She casts a teleportation spell, and we find them in Sokovia with Wanda as a kid. From here we learn that Wanda learned about all these sitcoms from her dad bringing home VCR tapes for the family to watch.

Chelle brings up an interesting point by saying “maybe the first few episodes of the alternate reality in different decades was Wanda’s way of living through the decades with Vision, like growing old with him.”

Wanda says her favorite sitcom is Dick Van Dyke because no matter how bad things got by the end of the episode everything got better.

Things get dark, fast. The scene most viewers were anticipating came onto the screen in a flash and a Stark bomb hit the Maximoff family, killing her parents and destroying her home. Wanda and Pietro remain physically unharmed as they shield away from the debris under a bed, but refuse to move as another Stark industries bomb landed right in front of them. This scene proves that as a little girl she used hex magic, using a probability spell and stopped it from detonating. Thus supporting the idea that she was born a witch and the mind stone amplified what was already there.

That scene was the first connection to the commercials, which was the toaster in the first episode. It blinks and sounds like Iron Man’s arc reactor in which the bomb makes the same sound and blinks red. The toaster was just a metaphor for her memory of the bomb. Agatha then opens another portal to the events of her being tested by Hydra. She was wearing the same clothing as she was in the Captain America Winter Soldier post credit scene. The experiment was for her to touch the mind stone, but they make it seem as if she uses her telekinesis to draw it to herself and as she reaches out to touch it, reveals it true self. She sees a figure floating in front of her which is her in the future in her full comic book Scarlet Witch costume.

Future Wanda in Mind Stone

We cut to her in her cell watching the Brady Bunch, in that episode the doll Sydney is playing with is the exact same doll Vision is trying to put diapers on in episode 3. Agatha then opens another portal right before Captain America Civil War. She’s in her room watching Malcom in the Middle, feeling really lonely and senses Vision on the outside of the wall. We see their relationship develop as he comforts her about Quicksilver’s death.

Vision admits that he has never experienced grief, as he never had anyone to lose but in this scene the audience sees the relationship between the two grow. He asks her a show stopping question that has the audience pausing the episode to let it sink in, he tells her “what is grief if not love preserving.” Showing Wanda a positive and light perspective on this heavy feeling that weighs within her heart.

Agatha takes Wanda to the S.W.O.R.D headquarters and we find out that Hayward was trying to turn Vision into another weapon, but Wanda just wanted to bury Vision.

Anonymous, a huge fan of the show stated, “I wasn’t surprised at what Hayward was doing, hopefully he gets what he deserves.”

This proves many fans’ theories of Wanda being villainized by Hayward. We see that Wanda didn’t actually take Visions body.

The next few scenes are just flashbacks of the events leading up to the creation of the Hex. Wanda then heads to Westview New Jersey after finding a letter in her car, as she goes into town, she passes all the characters we’ve seen from previous episodes looking miserable in the old town. Wanda drives up to an empty lot and opens up the folded paper she was holding onto. The camera then zooms into the piece of paper and we see it is the deed to the house. Vision bought this empty lot so him and Wanda can build a home together and grow old. Staring at the piece of paper with a heart drawn and the words “to grow old in” written within the heart and singed by V. was the final straw.

She then has a breakdown, sobbing on her knees as the pain and grief she’s gone through has finally caught up to her in that moment. These strong emotions then triggers her powers as she creates the Hex spell. She creates Vision but, in the process, we see that she has yellow mind stone energy radiating out of her. So now we know that vision is only able to live with the Hex energy around him, that is why when he tried escaping the Hex he became a corpse again.

We then jump to present time and inside the Hex with Agatha having Billy and Tommy captive. Agatha is in her similar comic book costume pissed at Wanda because thinks she’s been wasting her power of creations. She said she’s been using her chaos magic which makes her the Scarlet Witch, which is the first time anyone has said her comic book name. In the post credit scene at the S.W.O.R.D base we learn that Tyler Hayward is launching the original version of Visions body but now its white Vision from the comics.

White Vision in S.W.O.R.D base

He claims that it was only able to reactivate him using her Hex magic which was still on the Stark Drone from previous episodes.

Anonymous added, “I personally think Ultron is in the White Vision.”

Hopefully all will be revealed in the finale.