WandaVision Episode 6

Spoiler Warning


Wanda and Vision in classic comic book costumes

Cayden Fisher

We’re only three episodes away from the season coming to an end of “WandaVision.”

Episode six starts with an intro similar to the popular 90s show “Malcom in the Middle.” Billy talks to the camera, breaking the fourth wall, similar to what Malcom did in his show. They are all dressed up in their costumes for Halloween that are straight out of the comics. We get a funny scene with Wanda and Pietro as kids with Pietro as Nick Fury. They then start a subplot with Wanda questioning the nature of reality and why Pietro is different and why things are different with them. Vision comes down wearing his classic costume claiming he doesn’t have anything else in his closet. Vision talks about how he has to watch over the neighborhood lying to Wanda about what he actually is doing. Pietro tells him that he won’t mind watching over the twins and then proceeds to use his super speed to get Tommy and his costumes.

Billy and Tommy in costume

Outside the Hex we see them bring in the drone from the previous episode with the missile that is crackling with Wanda’s cosmic energy, the drone actually has a Stark Industry logo on it. We see that Hayward obviously has some strong feelings about super-powered people and how he possibly sees them as the enemy as he villainizes Wanda. Hayward then makes Darcy, Monica, and Jimmy Woo leave the base with them then having to knock out guards to sneak their way back into it.

Back in the Hex they’re trick or treating in the middle of the day with kids everywhere. Wanda then tries to question Pietro about their past as a test to see if he actually is her twin brother, but he calls out the fact that he does look different. Pietro then takes off with the twins and causes trouble in the neighborhood. We then get Vision going farther outside of the town which Wanda does not have as much control of. She only controls who she wants for her show while the others are not active, they are conscious but can’t break free. The center of the town is where more people are most active but the ones who are further out closer to the barrier can’t do much.

In the next scene we see Wanda, Pietro, and the twins walking in front of a movie theater, in the background we see the movies that are playing are “The Incredibles” and “The Parent Trap.” “The Incredibles” reference is obviously about how they’re a family with superpowers just like Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy.

Pietro then breaks the fourth wall talking about how he just is playing his part coming to town to stir up trouble like in typical tv shows. They then ask each other where their accents went, and he talks about how he was shot in the street and her calling him, referencing how the other Quicksilver was shot down by Ultron in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Tommy then reveals his speed powers, being the first of the twins to gain their powers. Billy shows off his powers later in the episode.

Kyle, an avid watcher of the show was, “excited to finally see their super powers.”

Wanda emphasizes to the twins about not going past Ellis Ave., which is where the barrier ends, before she gives permission to the twins to go venture on their own.

Outside the Hex, Darcy is hacking into S.W.O.R.D and finds out that Hayward is tracking Vision using his vibranium decay signature. Hayward was able to do this because Vision was plugged into the S.W.O.R.D database and now it seems that they might have been trying to use Vision’s body to develop more artificial intelligent weapons and that’s why Wanda possibly took his body and why Hayward wants it back.

Back in the Hex we see Vision in a cul-de-sac with frozen people everywhere not able to move because they are too far from the center of the town. Vision then changes back into his Avengers costume and flies up to find a parked car on Ellis Ave. with Agnes in it trying to leave. Vision then awakens Agnes with her asking if she is there to help him and how he doesn’t know that he’s dead. We go back to the town center with Pietro and Wanda and him asking where she hid all the kids and how he’s impressed with what she has done.

Kyle added, “it’s weird that he knows what’s going on, I wonder how he knows this.”

He then asks her how she did all this, and she replies that she doesn’t know she just felt alone, we then get a creepy dead version of Pietro with the bullet holes just like the one from “Age of Ultron.”

Chell, an avid watcher of the series from ERHS commented, “why does this Pietro show dead even though he’s not the same.”

Outside of the Hex while Darcy is hacking into S.W.O.R.D, she talks about how Monica’s DNA has started changing and if she goes back in who knows what she might mutate into, referencing her Photon powers from the comics.

Chell added, “hopefully we get to see her get her powers in the next three episodes.”

Monica then gets the call from her guy who was going to help her get back into the Hex.

Vision leaving the Hex

Vision then starts to exit the Hex and Billy can see that his dad is in pain, while on the outside Vision is being torn apart. Wanda then freezes everyone in the town and starts expanding the reality to help Vision get back inside. Darcy and the rest of the S.W.O.R.D agents besides Hayward, Monica, and Jimmy Woo are now stuck inside the reality.

Overall the episodes have been really good and make me want to come back even more every week.