WandaVision Episode 5

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Wanda and Vision stand off

Cayden Fisher

“This has to be the best episode in the series so far” avid watcher Luke from ERHS says.

We finally got over the hump of setting up the series with a huge twist. We’ve now made it to the 80’s, with themes similar to “Family Ties” and “Full House” (which Elizabeth Olsen’s sisters were on).

We open the show with Wanda trying to quiet her crying kids using her powers but is unsuccessful. Agnes then shows up in perfect timing to help the new parents, but Vision gets upset, messing with the scene and Agnes then breaks character and asks Wanda if they should do that again. It seems that Agnes knows what is really going on in West View and is aware of things that others aren’t. They use this for Vision’s story arch in the episode with him slowly realizing what’s going on.

The crying finally stops, and we see the boys have aged themselves up which most likely is Billy’s doing. The new theme song then starts playing with a sappy song in the back talking about how they’re (really Wanda) making everything up as they go. We then see an aging montage of Wanda and Vision with real life photos of Elizabeth Olsen and then Vision as a little kid. We then get a picture of Vision through the Holiday’s being dressed up and as each one passes; he becomes less happy and seems to not want to play along with Wanda.

In the next scene we find Monica in the hospital bed getting scanned from her recent trip inside Wanda’s reality, yet nothing shows up. Her flesh here being composed of pure light could be nodding at the fact that she might have her powers from the comics which are similar to Captain Marvel.

In the next scene we get, they set up this big arch of Tyler Hayward being a total jerk trying to make Wanda out to be a “terrorist” because of her past. Monica tries to defend Wanda saying if she wanted to really hurt her, she would have. Hayward still doesn’t believe her and then continues by showing a video of Wanda breaking into the S.W.O.R.D headquarters stealing Vision’s disremembered body.

Wanda with Billy, Tommy, and Sparky

This does answer the question on how she got it, but raises another one on why they had it and what they were doing with it. We now go back into Wanda’s reality with the now 5-year-old boys washing their new dog they found, Sparky. This is a reference to Tom King’s Vision comic book run where he wanted his own family, so he made them himself.

Wanda then starts using her powers in front of Agnes to create a dog collar for Sparky saying how she doesn’t want to hide anymore. The twins then age up again to 10-years-old so they can keep the dog after their parents accuse them of being too young to keep Sparky.

We jump back to the real world with Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy trying to find a way to get into Wanda’s reality. They then make a Captain Marvel reference, but it seems like Monica has some unresolved issues with Captain Marvel.

Monica then discovers that Wanda is rewriting reality and understands that things that go in, change to that time period. Darcy insists on calling Monica’s reality “the Hex,” which is another reference to Scarlet Witch’s hex powers in the comics.

We jump back into the Hex with Vision at work setting up computers. He notices that there’s an email from S.W.O.R.D and in a creepy way everyone in the office starts reading it out loud simultaneously. Vision then awakens Norm in a panic talking about how he’s in pain and how she is controlling him, which doesn’t really tell us if it’s Wanda or someone else. Back at the house we see Billy using his telekinesis powers to train their dog. In the episode even as they age the twins wear the same colors as Wiccan and Speed from the comics.

S.W.O.R.D then finds a way to get into the Hex using a drone from the 1980’s, in which Hayward secretly armed it, putting a missile in an attempt to kill Wanda. Wanda finds the drone outside and brings it back to the real world pissed. When she exits the Hex we see her wearing her normal uniform and even talking in her old Slovakian accent.

Talking in her old Slovakian accent symbolizes that Wanda’s fear of being discovered is residing and she isn’t afraid to show her true self anymore. At first, she threatens Monica before Monica convinces her that she’s on her side. Wanda then directs her attention over to Hayward and using her telekinesis makes every guard that is out there draw their weapons onto Hayward threatening to leave her alone. This is meant to be a reference to the first X-Men movie where Magneto, her comic book father, makes the cops’ guns turn on them.

Back in the Hex, Sparky got loose and the next scene shows Agnes holding the dead body of Sparky claiming he ate too many of her Azalea plants. The twins try to age up again to avoid dealing with death and tell Wanda that she can bring him back to life, but Wanda tells them not to try to run from their grief.

We finish the episode with Wanda and Vision back in the house. Vision starts to get upset about her controlling everything and everyone, acknowledging the power Wanda has over the town.

Michael, a student from ERHS stated, “it’s crazy that Vision didn’t know the whole time.”

He then tells her that he doesn’t remember anything about himself before West View. He argues with her saying she can’t control him like everyone else there, but with an eerie tone, Wanda replies with, “can’t I?” She starts to explain to him that she doesn’t understand how this all started, but was interrupted with the doorbell.

X-Men Quicksilver in MCU

We then get the biggest moment from the whole show as the camera pans around we see Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men universe. Once Evan Peters shows up on the screen, Darcy acknowledges that it isn’t the same MCU Quicksilver, commenting, “she even recasted her brother. ”

Both Luke and Michael both said, “I like the idea of bringing her brother into the show.” This now opens questions on what this really means if it’s the first Fox X-Men crossover or if it’s something entirely else.