Neville Longbottom Deserves More


Drew Hardister

This is Neville after the battle for Hogwarts, still holding the sword of Gryffindor

Drew Hardister, Jornalist

Neville Longbottom should get more thanks for his actions throughout the Harry Potter series. He grew from a shy, and diminutive boy and became the person that his parents wanted him to be. He deserves recognition for all of the things that he stood for when others doubted, he stayed true to his values and beliefs when nobody else did.

Neville has shown feats of bravery in the early books, he stood up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they were trying to break the rules. Dumbledore even said “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends,” and he then proceeded to award Neville ten points, so not only did he stand up to his friends, he also won Gryffindor the house cup.

“If it weren’t for Neville, the Gryffindor house wouldn’t have won the house cup,” says Jason.

Neville doesn’t give in to Bellatrix even after she used the Cruciatus curse on him.

In the first book, Neville tries to save Harry, Ron, and Hermione from getting in trouble with McGonagall when he knew what the consequences would be if he got caught. But he took the risk for his friends, anyway.

Jason says, “I agree Neville does deserve more recognition, he has done a lot for Harry and the gang, since book one.”

Neville has exhibited more bravery than most of the characters in the story, he was there in the battle at the Ministry of Magic, he stood up against his parents’ lead torturer Bellatrix Lestrange. He put up a very good fight despite being scared out of his mind.

Sydney doesn’t think he deserves more recognition because, “he was only heroic in the last book.” She adds, “the best thing he did was kill Nagini.”

Although this is a valid point, as the above mentioned instances are pretty small, he single-handedly stood up to Voldemort when Harry was “killed” by the Death Eaters, knowing that the possibility of death was very high.

Neville also showed great willpower and strength in the last book when he stood up to the Carrows when they were trying to use the Cruciatus curse on other students.

Based on these events it seems that Neville had the most character growth out of anyone in the story and deserves more recognition for that and his feats of bravery.