Harry Styles is “Golden” in his new music video



Screenshot taken from https://doyouknowwhoyouare.com/ ; released before the music video

Lindsey Blake, Journalist

On Monday October 27th, Harry Styles released his music video for the song “Golden” off of the Fine Line album. Golden is the first song on the artist’s second album that came out on December 13th, 2019.

This is the fifth song off of the album to have its own music video. In consecutive order, the music videos released were “Lights Up”, “Adore You,” “Falling”, “Watermelon Sugar”, and now “Golden”.

The video starts off with Harry running through a tunnel illuminated with soft light. He appears to be wearing an oversized white button-up and brown shorts. The word golden flashes on the screen.

Harry Styles (Wikimedia Commons)

For a second, the scene changes and he is pictured wearing a light-blue suit. He is then showing running down a sunny road in the previous outfit.

From then on, the scenes switch between Harry running, driving, messing around in the blue suit, swimming, and just generally being Harry.

Throughout the video, he is the only person featured. This may come off as surprising, as the song appears to be about wanting a relationship with someone but the other person having personal problems that lead them to be scared, and they ultimately let their fears trump their desires.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy; location of filming for the “Golden” music video (Wikimedia Commons )

I actually believe that this portrayal of the song is perfect. Though the song is describing the person you see as “golden”, overall it is about the narrator’s relationship with themselves. Jade Huerta, a fellow Harry Styles fan, believes that the video shows how the song is about “feeling free and comfortable with yourself”.

The whole focus of the video is Harry having fun, running wild and free along the Amalfi Coast of Italy, alone but learning to be okay with it. Another fan of Mr. Styles, Alexia Morales, noted that Harry is a “great artist” because he “has such a free spirit, which is shown in his music videos”.

Though, there still is that “sense of yearning and looking for that person to be dependent on, but unfortunately you’re on your own”, Huerta continues.

This juxtaposition is easy to miss if you aren’t looking hard enough, and it only really appears when you listen deeper to the lyrics of self-doubt and longing as Harry sings “I don’t wanna be alone”.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy; location of filming for the “Golden” music video (Wikimedia Commons)

Overall, I think that the video is beautiful and a great example of how you can find inner peace and happiness by accepting yourself and realizing that though you may want someone, you do not need them. The only person you need is yourself, as you are the only one who will always be there for you. You cannot always count on anyone else.

Besides the overall message, the pure aesthetics of the video are beautiful as well. The sunlight shining down on Harry and flickering in and out of the frame perfectly captures the imagery within the song. He couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place, the Amalfi Coast is absolutely breathtaking.

His clothing choices, such as his button down white shirt, reflect the laid back, relaxed vibe of the video. The blue suit seems like it might indicate a more formal mood, but the light color contributes to the fun and playfulness or Harry just exploring the coast.

Harry’s seemingly random actions throughout the video reflect his goofy personality perfectly, and almost bring the viewers back to the days of One Direction when he was younger and constantly pulling pranks and messing around with his fellow band members. However, there is a sense of maturity behind it that he didn’t have before. As mentioned by Huerta, “it’s weird seeing how open and comfortable he became over the years.”

Though I loved One Direction and miss the band a lot, I think that this solo opportunity for Harry and the other members of the band have allowed them to grow as people and to develop a style that is more fitting for them.

Overall, the video was very enjoyable and fitting for the song and Harry as an artist. To put it simply, it is “perfection, absolutely amazing”, as Huerta says.

Morales says she “definitely loved the new music video from Mr. Harry Styles”, and she is certainly not the only one!

The views on the video are rapidly growing and as of October 29th, almost at 26 million already. This is only three days after the release, but it is no surprise seeing as how talented and popular Harry is.

If you have not seen the video yet, make sure you go check it out on YouTube! I can guarantee you will not regret it.