Working Out at Home


My home gym equipment

Cayden Fisher

The Quarantine 15 isn’t always bad. Around the end of January 2020, I decided to work out because I noticed that I was losing weight. I went from being around 125 pounds to dropping down to 115 pounds. I didn’t have money to go to a gym, but I did have a few pieces of equipment at home that have been sitting in an empty room for a few years. I finally got off my butt and start lifting weights.

In about a month I gained back my 10 pounds and started to tone my body. I didn’t have a set schedule or even had a proper workout split. Once quarantine started, I got serious about it and made sure I was working out properly. I also learned more about my body and how it works.

I do follow a split now of push, pull, legs day around 5-6 times every week, for about 2 hours; I’m not perfect, I do skip muscle groups like my abs and legs, but have recently started working on them. At times I do get discouraged, but usually just continue on with my workout and push through it.

I mostly use the internet as my coach, going to various YouTube videos and online bodybuilding websites for guidance. Not having access to a lot of equipment has made me become more creative to finding ways to lift the weights I have. For the last nine months I have been working out alone, which is nice since I don’t have people

My home gym equipment

watching me.

The downside to that is I also don’t have people who could spot me if I lift heavy weight. Another downside to working out at home is being inexperienced and not having someone to tell you how to fix my form. I am glad to have what I have and be able to weight lift and make the progress I have made going from 115 pounds to 140 pounds compared to Chell Flores from ERHS who “wishes to workout at home” and believes “working out at home would be good use of my free time.”

I’ve had people ask to workout with me because of the results I made and hope to look similar to me but being 5’5 means I look more muscular because my body is more compact. Being as short as I am, I don’t have to work as hard as someone who is taller. Taller people have to move weight further than someone of my size.

Although I do enjoy weightlifting and somewhat bodybuilding, doing it at home is not the most fun when you have limited equipment.

Marcel Saunders a gym guru, agrees with me about working at home saying, “it’s okay because I have a decent amount of gear and weight” but does wish to go back to a gym because “there’s a lot I can’t do at home.”

My home gym equipment (Cayden Fisher)

I do hope I can go to an actual gym to develop my body more. For now, I have much more to learn. I definitely recommend trying to work out in your home, you don’t have need weights, you can always start just by using your body weight.