Here’s Why You Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender



Avatar: The Last Airbender

Priscilla Ngantung, Journalist

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” came to Netflix this year and it has once again risen in popularity. As one who has tried to refrain from watching the show because it seemed like a Western rendition of a Japanese anime, I finally took the initiative to watch it. And needless to say, I was missing out. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it has easily become one of my favorites. Here’s why you should also watch “Avatar: The Last Airbender:”

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickelodeon)

The entertainment

Cartoons are generally made for children, but this show can be enjoyed by all ages. The stories are funny, adventurous, relatable, and emotional. Almost every episode has its own action-packed scenes (without bloodshed) or comedic relief and is bound to keep you entertained. No matter what age you are, this show will either have you dying of laughter or dying of pain.

The characters

The show may be 2-Dimensional, but the characters are far from that. Some of the characters are complex and nuanced and go through incredible character developments without really losing their original personalities. Many of the characters’ backgrounds are explored throughout the show, and it shows a 3-Dimensional side to them. All characters have a motive for what they are doing and aren’t evil just because they simply are. They also realize their mistakes or flaws and they learn from them. A great example of this complex character development is Zuko. Without giving away any spoilers, I will just say that he has become one of my favorite characters. What I really loved to see in the show were strong female characters that stand up for themselves. Characters like Katara, Toph, and Suki are powerful and inspirational warriors who never back down from a fight.

The world-building

Like any fantasy show, Avatar has great world-building. The world is divided by four nations that represent a natural element and benders are able to control the element of their respective nation, but the Avatar can master all four elements. This fictional world is complex and intricate but well-thought-out. What makes the show different from other fantasy series is that it has an Eastern spin. The nations are heavily influenced by Asian cultures and the show does a great job of separating the cultures to show a differentiation between the nations.

The life lessons

To my surprise, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was packed with many thought-provoking themes that offer encouragement, wisdom, and enlightenment. Each character represents a different theme or life lesson that fosters open-mindedness about unity and empathy. The characters learn many concepts and lessons that are universal and relevant to this day.

The Main Characters (Nickelodeon)

I interviewed Claire Mor, a student who has watched the series, about her thoughts on the show.

“I love Avatar because of the storyline, the humor, and the characters,” said Mor. “People should watch it because the show is great from beginning to end and gets better each season. There isn’t really a wasted character and they have good development.”

Timothy, a 24-year-old who has also watched the series, says that they like the show because of “its development and the concept of the elements and the characteristics of each one.”

He would recommend this show because “even though it’s targeted for a younger audience, you get to see how the characters grow and you can appreciate how you can see your younger self within the young characters.”