We Want Justice, We Want It Now!


Drew Hardister

Memorial for Breonna

Drew Hardister, Jornalist

Most people know what happened in the Breonna Taylor case. There are people outraged by this heinous act against an unarmed black woman. She died because three officers in street clothes serving a no-knock warrant decided that it would be a good idea to fire into a residential apartment. The officers were supposedly shot at first by Taylor’s boyfriend, but this is still under investigation.

I have done a survey that includes both sides of the story and got responses from all sides of the spectrum, with input from 10 different people. Some very conservative and others very liberal, and all but one agrees that this was a terrible tragedy and didn’t have to happen.

The first thing that the people think was wrong with this situation was the fact that the officers were not wearing their uniforms. “I didn’t know that they were not wearing uniforms,” one participant stated.

“When serving a warrant, officers should wear identifying uniforms. As they are not doing undercover work,” says Harold, an African American man. The general consensus on this question was that it wasn’t okay for the officers to come in without anything to identify themselves.

Her graduation from the EMT academy (Drew Hardister)

I asked people whether they thought the officers should be prosecuted for murder, some said yes outright that they should. Harold thought that all of the officers should face some sort of disciplinary action, maybe not murder but they should face justice in one form or another.

Some people think that there still isn’t enough information for a proper trial and that something is still being hidden from the public.

The settlement for the civil case was $12 million. I asked if this amount was enough. One participant said that putting a dollar figure on a person’s life is a hard thing to do.

Another African American participant, Brandee said “No amount of money can replace your child,”  so she agrees with the participant who says there is absolutely no price right for the life of a human being.

Most participants don’t even think that the criminal charges one officer is facing are sufficient for the crime, I asked if one officer can take the blame for the rest of the actions taken and they all agreed that this was unacceptable. All officers should be tried for their actions and only their own.

I asked what should happen to all of the officers, there was a wide variety of answers, and they all agreed that the officers should be punished. “Whatever the law allows for, to the fullest extent,” some said. Others said they should just be fired, and another said they should face charges for murder as well as being fired.

I asked what sentences or punishments should we fight for. One participant Aline said that this could set a legal precedent for convicting officers who make these types of decisions.

Another said that there aren’t enough facts for a criminal charge so an outside party should investigate the case and that particular police station for withholding the facts about the case.

Breonna Taylor (Drew Hardister)

I asked if less force should have been used “Did the officers really need to fire 32 shots?” All of the participants agreed that this show of force was completely unnecessary and was the reason that Breonna died.

Some participants even went so far as to say that their first step should have been to retreat if one of their partners had been shot. The fact that they didn’t retreat even though their partner was supposedly shot was suspicious.

Another participant said they should have just fired a few warning shots and then announced themselves, and given Taylor and Walker a chance to come out peacefully without any bloodshed.

This young and vibrant life was cut short by some bad decisions that others made, she should have justice for her murder. This tragedy needs correcting and someone needs to be held accountable for it. We can no longer take these types of transgressions laying down. We want justice and we want it now!

Protest for Breonna Taylor (Drew Hardister)