Sneakerheads: A new Netflix series

Charles Howard, Journalist

As of September 25, a new Netflix series called Sneakerheadsarose to attempt captivating those who are interested or already involved in sneaker culture. Today I will be giving a review on the premise of the show, giving insight on if it’s worth watching as of now.

The premise of “Sneakerheads” involves a stay at home dad named Devin and his high school friend/friend at odds Bobby, who used to run scams with shoes. Devin is no longer interested in the shoe business due to a scam incident long ago and wants to stay away from it, although he still likes sneaker culture. While Bobby tries to get Devin back into the business.

In and of itself the show gives and old friends at odds but still friends feel, similar to Newman and Jerry from from the show “Seinfeld.” This dynamic is classic, although it’s take in “Sneakerheads” needs some work.

I found myself more often enjoying the interactions with side characters more than the main duo, such as Nori and her extensive knowledge and skills with shoes.

The main cast (Duo on the right) (The Guardian)

It’s still very early on in the series so there’s a lot of room to improve, but as of now there’s not enough known about the main characters, as in the characters need development. Better humor, better interactions with situations, and portrayal of characters who are involved in sneaker culture seriously. These are some of the complaints I’ve heard from other audiences that have watched the show.

An interview with sneakerhead and brand owner Justin from Orange County counters this idea.


CJ: “So Justin, I’m on the third episode of Sneakerheads so far and I’ve heard that people don’t like the ridiculous take on the culture”.

Justin: “Dude I’ve already finished it”.

C.J: “So what do you think then, I like it so far but one can never tell how a series is gonna flow”.

Justin: “I mean to be real I like it too, if you don’t analyze it too deeply it’s a fun waste of time nothing too serious. The show’s supposed to be ridiculous, so it’s okay. As someone who likes shoes it’s nice to see a representation.”


As Justin said, the show’s supposed to have the element of ridiculousness. That in and of itself is fun, as long as there is more development/improvement with the main two characters, it’s definitely a fun watch in my opinion.