Xbox buys Bethesda and other game developers, The future for Xbox users

Charles Howard, Journalist

Recently Xbox just bought out one of gaming’s largest developers, Bethesda, for $7.5 billion. Corporations buying out a developer is typical, and can almost be regarded as not a big deal. Most of the time it is indie developers who are bought out, not triple A game developers.

The 7.5 million deal [Xbox Wire]

With this big deal coming to light it brings a lot of attention attention to the coming Xbox console, in the past people who enjoy playing on a console prefer Ps4 exclusives over Xbox due to its lack of exclusive games in general; mainly having halo as its flagship. Now with the purchase of Bethesda. Microsoft is given many opportunities with titles such as “Doom”, “Elder Scrolls”, “Fallout” and much more.

Now with more games added to the Xbox Game pass inventory, it seems as if both consoles bring their own unique experiences to their audiences. Personally I think this is a plus for Microsoft as it is nice to see so much diversity in their library, although many don’t like the idea of exclusives. An interview with James, who is currently in Australia and has a parent working in the gaming industry,¬†gives us another perspective on the matter.

Xbox games pass

C.J: “So Bethesda’s finally been bought out, what are your thoughts on that”

James:¬† “The purchase of Bethesda could be seen as a second wind for a company that had been failing upon hard times recently both finally both financially and socially. Microsoft’s purchasing of the Zenimax could provide a level of financial stability that would require that they make less risky, anti consumer products and focus more on quality”.

C.J: “Personally i agree with this statement, now the company can focus more on the quality and functionality of the game”.

So it seems the future of game development for the Xbox looks bright, now providing a better experience for players.