Angeles National Park – The Bobcat Fire


Drew Hardister

This is the Bobcat fire from approx. 15/20 miles away.

Drew Hardister, Jornalist

The Bobcat fire has been raging in the Angeles National Park for the past two weeks forcing evacuations and destroying homes without mercy.

The Bobcat fire has devastated the National park in just two weeks, it has burned more than 165 square miles since it started. It has damaged or destroyed more than 85 structures.

It is estimated that 4,000 people, about 1,100 households have been forced to evacuate.

The public information officer Andrew Mitchell told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re still in the thick of a good firefight,” They’ve contained about 17% of the blaze as of Monday evening.

Incident Commander Jerry McGowan said, “That’s good news, however, there were 219 miles of fire line we had to go around.”

Firefighters are worried about their stretched resources and tired officers. Almost 19,000 firefighters are battling 27 current fires across the state, and the Bobcat fire has more than 1,700 personnel on it. Fire managers cited “limited resources for the fire. The critical need for resources continues.”

This is the path that the fire has taken so far. (

Sophia Mavrolas, a senior at Cal State Northridge and a resident of Juniper Hills, told The Press-Enterprise newspaper she evacuated Friday but returned home Sunday. She said she could hear propane tanks exploding.

“It was so terrifying. The fire line stops within just walking distance of my neighbors,” she said. “My neighborhood was extremely lucky to get out of this okay, but my heart aches so bad for my neighbors in upper Juniper Hills.”

Since the beginning of the year, we have had 7,900 wildfires which have burned 3.5 million acres collectively.

The Bobcat fire has devastated communities and firefighters are worried about having enough resources to deal with it. They have contained about 17% of the fire and still have a long way to go. This fire is the second biggest fire since the Station fire in 2009, which burned 250 square miles, killed two firefighters, and burned almost 100 homes.