Students have an opinion about online school

Zoom is the primary app used for online school

Drew Hardister

Zoom is the primary app used for online school

Drew Hardister, Jornalist

Since the Coronavirus outbreak schools and businesses have had to shut down, and students don’t feel that Zoom classes really capture the total school experience.

“We’re in school for less time and we get less work, but students are still complaining,” says Katelyn Branning a student at ERHS.

Branning thinks that it doesn’t matter how the school is run students will always find something to complain about.

Other students though have a different idea, “I really don’t care, I just want my diploma so I can get out of here,” says Isabella Cina another student at ERHS.

However, all students agree that online school has its drawbacks which gives them inherently lower quality when compared to in-person classes.

“You can’t make real connections with your teachers, and it’s harder to communicate,” says Melissa Unzueta.

There is a social aspect to school that zoom classes just cannot capture, “All students should have their cameras on at all times,” Unzueta

Students don’t show their faces, they have crazy pictures like this (Drew Hardister)

states. This could improve zoom classes for students and teachers alike.

Even with fewer distractions, at home, students will have a harder time paying attention, as they are surrounded by family. School should be in person so that you are able to talk to people and make connections, not only with other students but with teachers as well

Although we cannot do that currently, we should be able to simulate that with more breakout rooms, for example, this would give students more group work and increase the number of connections that the students make in their classes.

Currently, online classes have taken the place of real in-person school but most people feel that this is not a reliable or even a good alternative, because it limits the amount of support we can give students, the connections they can make with other students, and their ability to work as a team.