Square Enix Threatens To Sue Anyone Revealing The Ending For Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Marc Molina, Journalist


Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been out for 2 weeks and the game has received a lot of positive and negative feedback from the gaming community. As we know, youtubers and streamers have spend hours playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, most of which have finished the game and scene the ending. The ending to Final Fantasy 7 Remake has sparked controversy due to the remake not following the original events of the game’s lore. The gaming community and Final Fantasy 7 veterans are upset with the changes Square Enix decide to make for this game. This has caused Square Enix to receive a lot hate from the gaming community, fans of the original game are unhappy with Square Enix’s decisions to alter the events of the original game.

Because of this, Square Enix has decided to drastic actions by removing youtubers and twitch streamers videos revealing the ending for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This will effect everyone who uploads the ending to Final Fantasy 7 Remake whether you are a popular streamer or not.

YouTuber Shirrako posted a tweet showing a letter from Square Enix stating they will sue content creators who upload the ending on their channel. The letter also threaten legal action for those who attempt to file counter-notices against Square’s copyright strikes.

Rifza Gamer posted a tweet showing his video “Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Endings Movie Cutscenes True End (FFVII Remake 20200” being strike down because the video showed the ending to Final Fantasy 7’s Remake.

If you search up the ending on YouTube you’ll notice that a lot of videos are about discussing the ending rather than actually showing the ending.


Daivish Lakhani

“I honestly think it’s stupid considering that people are trying to give their reactions and feedback about the game. Yet, Square Enix decides to remove their videos,” said Daivish Lakhani

“I personally watch those videos to get a good feedback for myself so I can decide whether or not I should by the game.”












Ali Naqvi

“I think it doesn’t make sense.” He elaborated saying that it’s “because those videos are essentially free adverting for the game,” said Ali Naqvi