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ERHS Unity

ERHS Unity class 2019-2020

Katie Taing, Journalist

As the end of the 2019-2020 school year approaches, many clubs and classes on campus are sending out their applications. Among one of those classes is Unity. On-campus, Unity is known for its many events, such as ones that advocate for mental health and other various events that promote the well-being of one another.

Unity is a second-period class that is held in the lower F rotund and it is lead by Mrs. Havard. “Unity is a social justice class,” according to unity leader Jessica Pham. Within the class, they talk about various heavy topics such as, “diversity, mental health, and equity.” To further promote these topics and spark conversation, Unity holds various events on campus. They hold events such as Suicide Awareness Prevention Campaigns, Culture Night, and Unity Forums.

Current Unity members have expressed their reasons for joining, for example, Yuan Legaspi states, “I was always attending forums and other Unity lead events, so I wanted to see how things operated behind the scenes.” Legaspi then states, “A good reason to join Unity is to help all types of people on campus.” If you are truly passionate about these topics as well as want to bring new topics the table, this class is one you should really consider joining. Although they do cover a variety of serious topics, that is not the only reason many join Unity.

With any small club or class, there is always the opportunity for a strong bond to be created among those members. Unity is no exception. Pham states, “I made deep connections and relationships with people in my class and forums that will last a lifetime.”

From hearing what many Unity members say, it is truly a rewarding class and a great way to be involved in the school. If you are passionate about social justice, this is surely the one for you.

ERHS Unity
Unity Application for the 2020-2021 school year