Freshman Disney Olympics


Katie Taing

Flyer/ Sign-Up for this years freshman olympics.

Katie Taing, Journalist

Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s Link Crew class is holding its annual freshman olympics. Seeing as this year’s theme is Disney, many are sure to participate. By filling out the form, freshmen can easily join teams of their choice.

Freshman Disney Olympics will be held on March 20th, 2020. Events will be held in the quad from three to five in the afternoon. Link Crew leader Joshua Malgra says, “Freshman can sign up by scanning the QR code on the flyer.” There will be different teams and Malgra states, “They can fill out what team they want to be on.” During the olympics, the freshman can compete in various games against one another. Malgra further states, “It’s a great way to meet a lot of new people from all different grade levels.” Although this event is a competition, it is truly a fun event for freshman to get more involved.

As a way to get freshmen involved, this event is sure to be exciting. Freshman Jillian Legaspi stated, “I like the theme of Disney and I think the event is cool.” When asked if she knew about the event, freshman Jillian Legaspi stated, “I’m not really sure what freshman olympics is other than it is for freshman and it is Disney themed.” Although many freshmen may not know about the event, various Link Crew leaders are posting their QR codes on their personal social media accounts. There are also updates about this event and other events on Link Crew’s Instagram page. Jillian Legaspi then states, “Although I may not be participating personally, I think a lot of freshmen would like this event.”

With this event quickly approaching, freshmen must be sure to sign up. The event will hold many fun and thrilling activities for a freshman to participate in and will also be an avenue for freshman and Link Crew leaders to bond with one another.

Katie Taing
ERHS quad (where freshman olympics will be held)