Trump Takes Funds from Pentagon to Border Wall Against Congress


Dylan Ramos, Journalist

Recently breaking out over in Washington between Congress, the White House, and the Pentagon, has been a conflict involving budget started by president of the United States Donald John Trump Junior. The conflict involves billions of dollars originally intended for the Pentagon, which have been rerouted by order of P.OT.U.S to help out in the construction of his wall project. $3.8 Billion reportedly were to be used for various weapons projects, but with the amount of drug-pushing and cartel-related crimes down south, the funds have been diverted into work for countering drug crimes.

Numerous lawmakers have responded to this with sentiments of protest, including the two top Democrats and Republicans of the House Armed Service Committee. Ranking members of the committee say that the constitutional authority of congress is being undermined by this decision from the president. They plan to take the appropriate steps for action addressing this decision. Not only, said republican member Mac Thornberry, was  the decision considered a violation of the separation of powers, but also a breach of the military’s principle of civilian control. According to him those funds are meant specifically for very important military resources relevant to law.

The U.S Military’s budget is very large- as a result, most weapons projects are expensive. Collage via Dylan Ramos

Chairman Adam Smith of the House Armed Services Committee points out directly how the move by trump is another attempt to bring realization to his campaign promises, specifically in this case the long imagined long distance-spanning border wall between the United States and Mexico. Mr. Smith calls this chase of fulfillment an obsession on Trump’s part and a conduct of bad policy.

I interviewed Roosevelt Highschool senior Wisdom Obeziu to see what he thought of the tug-of-war between Trump’s White House and Congress. “I thought it was funny, what he’s doing is actually a loophole. You shouldn’t be able to do that but he’s doing it.” These words were very similar to Republican and House Armed Services Committee member Mac Thornberry’s, who implied Trump was using his presidential powers to undermine those of the Congress. When asked about the ambiguity in power that comes from Bureaucracy and the desire to undermine the separation of powers,  Wisdom said “Yeah, it’s pretty much so corrupt it’s crazy that nothing changes even when all the info’s out in the open. The american people don’t care so the corrupt can do what they want.”

Trump’s wall has been a controversial and popular selling point for his presidency since early on in his election, collage via Dylan Ramos

Another student, Sophomore Joshua Chai, said “It’s really messed up that he keeps wanting to build the wall. It’s so unrealistic.” Trump has indeed struggled to gain any significant traction on that ambitious election promise his past 4 years in office. “I think the people knew he couldn’t really deliver it-” said Josh, “but it was really exciting for his voters.”