Boys Varsity Tennis

Katie Taing, Journalist

On Tuesday, February 19, our boys’ varsity tennis team participated in a preliminary match against Murrieta Valley High School. The match was an away game and started at 3:15 p.m.

Like many sports on campus, our boys’ varsity tennis team tends to go unnoticed. Despite their lack of recognition, our boys work hard to be better than before, as well as be better for their upcoming matches. With the start of the season, boys tennis played Murrieta Valley High School. This match was quite challenging as David Paragas states, “I tried my hardest in every match I played. I played well but my opponent played better.” There were many ups and downs seeing as JV tennis won. However, individually Wesley Han states, “Personally that day I wasn’t doing the greatest at the beginning of our matches, but near the end, I finally started to pick up my game and do better.”

Jacob Chow
Varsity Boy Tennis members David Paragas and Wesley Han at homecoming.

Although our varsity team lost, many of the players see the ups to this and how they can improve. For many, they played the sport because they had fun which David Paragas states, “There are many things I can improve on, but the most important thing I can think of is to have fun.” Paragas then further states, “The key to playing a good match is to remember why I am playing the sport in the first place.” By remembering why they fell in love with the sport in the first place, it allows the losses to be a little easier. Wesley Han then states, “Honestly I still have a lot to improve on playing tennis but I really just want to focus on having a consistent first serve.” Han then states, “I lose a lot of points for myself due to my double faulting all of the time.”

Despite the losses and the wins, many of the players simply enjoy the game.