U.S Primary Election: What’s To Come


Dylan Ramos, Journalist

The nomination battle for which democratic candidate will be taking their seat in the White House has been picking up its speed recently. As states like Iowa with their caucuses gather the first few rounds of votes, they make way for the larger majority of voters coming later in the race. This will be on the 3rd of March landing on a Tuesday, the day on which 16 states and territories cast their vote for the next POTUS.

Until then, there are still a few events scheduled for the remainder of February. Coming next on the 22 of Febuary this month will be a Caucus in Nevada. This will be held for the Democratic candidates, and although official caucus day will be on the twenty-second, there will also be a 4-day period dedicated for those wanting to cast an early vote before the caucus. On the Nevada Democrats website, you can enter your address to find the nearest early voting site. Organizers of the Nevada Caucus also plan to give this one the largest budget, to yield similar results of large democratic gain  that was seen in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

After this Nevada Caucus, will be held the South Carolina democratic primaries. Unlike the Nevada Caucus this will be held on a weekend, the Saturday of February 29th. The state is notable for having the highest black voter count among early voting states, so we should see from those results which candidates work best for the demographic. 63 delegates will be rewarded by the state as well.

As the season moves along, South Carolina and Nevada are up on the voting platter, collage via Dylan Ramos

As February wraps up, voters and citizens can look forward to the famous Super Tuesday, on the 3rd of March this year. In line with it’s name, the most amount of states will be voting at this time, with the most amount of delegates being at high risk as well.

How are our contestants doing? It was recently announced by himself and his campaign, that Andrew Yang dropped out of the running, with Bernie Sanders & Buttigieg taking place at the top. What do students in California think of the running so far?

Wisdom Obeziu, a senior at ERHS, is rooting for Bernie after the Yang-Gang dropout. On Bloomberg, he voices the general opinion among news outlets and the public that “Mike Bloomberg essentially bought his way into the democratic primary.” On Yang dropping out and Bernie being the next best alternative for supporters, he says “Yang Gang’s gotta go the way of the Bern. They finna get singed” One student who wanted to remain anonymous said “I don’t really care, he’s not that popular but he’s pretty cool” when asked about Andrew Yang dropping out. When asked about Bernie, he said “I think he could beat Trump, everyone loves him.”

While Yang drops out, Buttigieg and Sanders fight for the spot on top, collage via Dylan Ramos