Bring Your Own Device Policy



Xzavier Contreras, Journalist

With the new age of technology and students getting new tech every year, it’s not surprising that school would want to implement the uses to be able to enhance teaching or try to attempt it. So schools are making it a requirement to bring your own device. For some students it may not matter, but for those who may not want or afford devices, it proves difficult as they don’t have the resources to acquire a laptop.

Angel Estrada, a senior at ERHS “I recently bought a laptop. I bought it for school because of the BYOD thing, but now I don’t use it for school.”

Xzavier Contreras
Angel Estrada

Aizik Ramirez, a senior at ERHS said, “If I’m required to have a laptop, that sucks. I don’t have enough money to go out and just buy a laptop. I know some teachers provide a laptop to do work in, but they suck and have trouble connecting to the wifi sometimes.”

Xzavier Contreras
Aizik Ramirez

To be able to work from a personal device can be good if done right, but because the school has so many students enrolled, it can be difficult trying to get on the school’s wifi. Being required to purchase a device to do school work can be difficult if money is an issue.

Estrada says, “I basically made my mom waster her money, which is on me, but still she got me a laptop for school, that I don’t even use for school work.”

Ramirez says, “I think that if I had my own laptop would be good, but because I basically have to save up my cash to go out and buy one, but I’m almost out of high school, so I just might as well use the school laptops.

Some issues can drawn to the school wifi, but BYOD basically says that students should have a device, not just their phone, but a laptop which can cost from $200 to $400 dollars, where money is an issue for some students.