Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders

The Brightest Leaders of the Democratic Party Polls


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Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Candidates for the Democratic Party

Christian de Jesus, Journalist

2020 has finally arrived which means election day is within view. With our current political climate it is extremely anticipated election that many think will be a turning point for the U.S. no matter the results. However, before we get there the candidate must be chosen for each party. In particular, the Democratic spot is highly contested and it is has proved difficult as large names like Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke have already dropped out. Right now the polls have Joe Biden in the lead followed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The Washington Post

Despite the current poll standings, candidates Sanders and Warren are all the talk right now. With similar goals in mind they still differ a lot. Many see Sanders in a more socialist light and that’s reflected in his plans for the economy and large corporations. Warren is seen as a capitalist with heavy regulations for the economy. With differences like this many have concluded that the two can be summarized as regulation vs revolution. Simply put Warren is a social democrat and Sanders is a democratic socialist. The difference between the two is shown by Warren’s and Sanders’ attitudes towards capitalism. If you are unsure by who you align with more, according to the Vox article “Are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders the same? The debate, explained.“ by Tara Golshan, “If you believe in capitalism and you believe it has gone a little off the rails in the last generation, but it remains the best system to maintain economic growth and democracy, then Warren is the better candidate for you.” she continues by saying “Or do you believe that capitalism is inherently unjust, inherently unstable? Then Sanders is the right fit.”

“I think that both are really good candidates” notes Kaylee Costello, a high school senior and future voter. “I think that Warren is a little but more practical than Bernie”

Whether you align with Warren or Sanders “Its important to remember that the Democratic party just needs to get the Republicans out of office.” says ERHS senior Isabelle Pereyra. With the state of our society and environment, “Republicans hinder meaningful change and we need to focus on what we leave for the future generations.”