Roosevelt Rush


Mrs. Montgomery

ERHS ASB giving a presentation to RHIS students.

Katie Taing, Journalist

Eleanor Roosevelt High School held its annual Roosevelt Rush on Friday, January 23. Students from various clubs and sports headed over to River Heights Intermediate School to show incoming 9th graders the possibilities of extracurriculars to join as they further their education to ERHS. Sports such as football, basketball, cheer and song team went to RHIS. Not only did our athletes go but our performing arts students such as choir, dance PE, theater, and the Flava were in attendance as well. Also, Eleanor Roosevelt’s leadership classes such as ASB and Link Crew participated in the annual Roosevelt Rush.

It is no secret that transitioning to ERHS from middle school is an intimidating experience. From deciding which classes to join to which clubs to participate in and which sports to play for, this can be a nerve-racking experience for many young 13 to 14-year-olds. To ease the nerves of incoming 9th graders, our students from different sports, clubs, and leadership classes showed up to RHIS to give some insight to what Roosevelt has to offer. Senior Joshua Malgra states, “It was a fun experience to go to RHIS and see the new faces that will be taking on what we are leaving behind.” He also states, ” I hope these kids actually consider joining something at ERHS and just get involved before it’s too late.” Getting involved at ERHS through these various programs can make a student’s high school experience enriched. It is a way to make new friends, create awesome memories, and just have amazing high school experiences.

Not only was this an exciting experience for the students who went to represent their club or sport, but it was an eye-opening experience for the incoming freshman. Eighth-grader Joseph Pham states, “It was cool to see older people in different clubs and sports.” He further states, “I want to look into joining these activities, especially sports.” Hopefully, a lot of the students at RHIS have the same outlook and really consider their options when coming to ERHS.

Roosevelt Rush will continue this Friday, January 31st. However, our students will be attending Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School to show those 8th graders what ERHS has to offer.

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