Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren


Rylie West, Writer

It’s 2020, which means this November is the presidential election. Here at the Roosevelt Review, we have been following the campaigns of the candidates running for president since 2019. With that being said, recently, standout candidate Elizabeth Warren was rumored to be getting endorsed by past candidate Julian Castro. On Monday, December 27th Julian Castro announced that he was no longer running for president as well as his endorsement to Elizabeth Warren. Castro said in a Twitter video that “There’s one candidate who I see is unafraid to fight like hell.” Warren in the polls is the third most popular candidate behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Ashley Flower a senior here at Roosevelt says that she, “Loves Elizabeth Warren as a person and I respect her accomplishments and the effort she’s put forth to help the American people, but she isn’t my first choice a candidate. While I definitely do agree with some of her ideas, a lot of her other ones I find a bit too socialistic.”

Ashley Flower

I then asked Flower if she believes Warren has a good shot at being president due to her Warren being third in the poles and her response was, “Considering that a lot of her plans are borderline (if not) socialistic, I don’t think she has a good shot for the presidency, especially lately with her decline in the polls.” After she stated that her polls are declining, I asked her if she knew about Julian Castro endorsing Elizabeth Warren and if she thought it would help her in the polls and she said, “I don’t know the main reason’s why Castro endorsed Elizabeth Warren, but it’s not surprising since a lot of their ideas line up or are very similar. Castro caused a lot of controversies which gained America’s attention and since then has still lingered. I don’t think Castro’s endorsement of her will change or halt her decline in the polls.”

Also a senior and AP Government student, Randy Chen said that although he is more of a conservative, “Warren doesn’t think she has a chance of winning.”Chen also mentioned that “I would rather have Trump win than Warren”. With the election coming up in November, the outcome of Julian Castro’s endorsement for Elizabeth Warren will be shown later this year.