U.S Possible War With Iran; A Brief Recap of Events


Dylan Ramos, Journalist

Recently there has been much talk over the news and on the internet about America’s recent conflicts with Iran and whether or not there could potentially be a new war breaking out. Memes have been flooding funny pages about recruitment officers, sudden drafts, and World War 3, making the trouble seem like a more significant deal than it may actually be.

I asked two ERHS students, Freshmen and Sophomore, what they knew about the situation if anything to see how aware some younger students may be. Mathew Lin, an ERHS Freshmen, recalled; “I think I heard about it this morning because our history teacher was talking about it but I haven’t heard it on the news.” It makes sense such topics would have an easier time reaching the adult teachers and possibly trickling down from there.

When I asked him what he thought about it personally, he replied, “i don’t have any opinions. I don’t care that much about politics.”

Another student who wanted to remain anonymous but from the same class, went on to say; “I heard it was an important general and it could’ve started WW3 because of Allies and stuff.” Indeed the inclusion of two warring Nation’s allies in their conflict could qualify as a world war. However he went on to share; “But it didn’t start WW3 because Iran isn’t gonna do anything and US allies don’t wanna back it up.” There was a clear difference in understanding of the conflict between these two students, but both are interesting nonetheless.

Two collages (via Dylan Ramos) show the scale of World Wars by amount of Nations involved represented by their modern flags. Pictured above are those countries on the Allied Powers
Pictured above are the countries which fought for Axis Powers, Collage via Dylan Ramos

Memes are known of course for being brief phases of internet comedic creativity, usually only lasting a week or longer if they’re valued that relevant. So it isn’t very much of a surprise for students to find in the end they don’t have to worry about packing their bags and heading East .  After all, no U.S allies have been supporting the attacks waged by Trump, so the chances of another all-hands-on-deck world war are minuscule, but the developing events are still interesting and important to be aware of nonetheless. So what has been happening between Us & Them?

Roughly two weeks ago, a United States attack was approved to head for Iran and end in the killing of Qassim Suleimani, a major general of Iran who was also it’s top intelligence and security commander. The strike seemed to be a surprise, with reactions from Iran and possible follow-ups from the United States being up in the air.  Afterwards an America vs Iran mindset of sudden clumsy war began to take hold as to how events could go forward, as smaller retaliation attacks were heard of since the original.

Almost a week later, a Ukranian passenger airplane was shot down over Iran by an Iranian military-launched missile, killing 82 Iranian, 63 Canadian, and 11 Ukranian citizens. At first the Iranian government and it’s President were steadfast in denying responsibility, however proceeding investigation alongside video evidence pinned the fault on a military-launched missile.

Posted below is that video of the attacks coming from the Guardian News Youtube channel


Now attentions in Iran have begun to shift a little ways away from the American conflict, with 82 of their own innocent being killed in military malpractice.

On the week of January 14th, thousands of Iranians in mourning vigils, reported Vox News, had come out to mourn the loss of 176 innocents. Those crowds turned into anti-government protests the very same weekend, with Iranian citizens having a far longer-lasting problem with their own government’s economic & political inefficiency and corruption  than with the U.S and it’s sudden attacks on their General Suleimani.

Now the national focus of Iranian citizens has sidetracked from U.S conflict, while debate is still hot over here as to what’s been happening and why, and what remains to be done if anything.