ERHS Theatre Winter Showcase


Katie Taing

ERHS theater

Katie Taing, Journalist

On December 6, 2019 ERHS Theatre held a winter showcase. The showcase featured both the advanced acting and advanced musical theatre classes. It costed $5 and you were able to purchase tickets both online and at the door. To purchase tickets online, the website was erhs.booktix. com. It began at 7:00 p.m. in the Mustang theatre, they sold food items and beverages. They performed a number of scenes including an Aladdin Medley, Ex Wives, Deck the Rooftop, and more.

Actor Haza starred in many of the scenes this winter showcase. Playing both a lead role and background characters, Haza states, “My favorite scene to act in was called ‘a deep, poetic journey into something’ which is a scene done by the advanced acting classes about a girl who struggles to find herself and is also dealing with life’s problems.” Although he was acting in the showcase, he also was a viewer. He states, “My favorite parts of the showcase were all of the scenes from the advanced acting class and the number “ex wives” from the musical “six” performed by 6 extremely talented students from the advanced musical theater class.” Although a lot went well, he also states, “I think we could work on preparation for the show since we started extremely late.”

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Senior Betthany Liu was also in the audience that night. She states, “Honestly my favorite part about the show was getting to see my friends and other classmates perform.” She also states, “I did not know how good the advanced theater classes are. Seeing them perform was so cool, they are all so musically talented and did great in the showcase.”

Our theater classes are best known for their plays such as High School Musical, The Musical, Footloose, and more. They also attend several competitions throughout the year. Though they do many activities, the winter showcase shows off the the students in advanced acting’s talents.