New vs Old Christmas Movies


Stacie Leber

Photo of friends and I as children at a Christmas party

Brianne Leber, Journalist

This week I was assigned “Upcoming Christmas Movies”, but every time I sat down I couldn’t help but think about A Christmas Story. We all know the movie with the little kid who wants a bb gun for Christmas and never turns down a double dog dare.

That is a personal favorite of mine but it got me thinking about how other people feel about the new Christmas movies vs the old ones.

I asked Garrett Archer, junior at ERHS, he told me that The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is his all time favorite Christmas movie, specifically the “live action” one. Later he told me he tends to prefer “old” movies. Of course, I asked the question everyone is dying to know, “How do you feel about Hallmark?” Garrett told me “It’s okay.” He elaborated and said, “they [Hallmark channel] show some old movies I like during Christmas, but that’s the only time I watch tv.”

Brianne Leber
The Netflix logo on the loading screen for their computer application

Debi Kane, mother of current ERHS student, was told early that I was gonna interview her so when I finally got to talk to her she started by saying, “I already know what I want to say.” She proceeded to say, “My favorite is Elf because it makes me belly laugh pretty much the entire time…I love the Hallmark Christmas Channel because I like how all the movies end up happy…and there is a kind of predictable plot which i enjoy that as well.” I also asked her her preference on old vs new and she refused to decide. “I like a combination of both…it would have to depend on the movie itself.” At that point my father cut in stating, “and how you are feeling…and the tradition.”

Neither interview touched on the newest Netflix originals that are also sweeping the Christmas scene that our review journalists are very excited for.

Brianne Leber
My aunt and I at my grandmas Christmas party 2018

Both types of movies hold deep sentimental value to me. My mother used to corral all my siblings, make us sit together in the living room (couch, floor, and fireplace seating all filled) and watch hallmark movies. I also remember during Christmas eve at my grandmas, my cousins and I hiding in Grandma Dahlia’s room watching her classics on VHS.

Christmas movies both new and old mean so much to so many people that its hard to even choose in this article. What do you think?