Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving

Xzavier Contreras, Journalist

As Thanksgiving comes around, the question of why we celebrate the holiday can be added to some simple facts. Getting together with the family, eating together to represent the unification that you’re all together, for the better or for worse. The beginning of the holiday can be dated back to when 1621 when Native Americans and the Pilgrims came together to feast.

How they got to that point is a different story, as the reality of the holiday’s origin is clouded with misconceptions with the idea that the interpreter that brokered the ordeal was friends with the colonists before speaking with the people. Yet the reality was the interpreter, Squanto, was captured and sold into slavery, and escaped but to only witness his people be wiped out by disease.

Flor Howell, a wife and mother, says, “From what I know about the first Thanksgiving, it’s celebrated because of the harvest meal that the Pilgrims and Natives celebrate din the 1600’s, however it wasn’t known as Thanksgiving. I believe it was Washington or Lincoln who made it an official holiday.”

Xzavier Contreras
Flor Howell

Adan Diaz De Leon, a senior at ERHS, says, “I know that America celebrates it due to a peace that was brokered from the Natives and the Pilgrims. I don’t know all the specifics, but that’s how it was generalized to me.”

The holiday, even with the tragedy, and many ordeals between the colonist and the Natives, can be seen as an example of two groups of people coexisting without violence. As of today, the history isn’t why people celebrate the holiday. Most would say that they celebrate the holiday because of the bond they share with their family.

Diaz De Leon says, “I like to think that my family celebrated the holiday because we’re very close, and to express to love we have for each other.”

Howell says,”My family came to this country in the early 80’s but started to celebrate it in the early 90’s. I thinks my parents wanted to celebrate it because it gave them a reason to eat a lot, but  it’s more of my family getting together because we love each other, and it’s a nice way of shoeing to each other.”

While over break, I think that’s it’s important to let those around you know that you’re thankful for them. Happy Thanksgiving readers.