Netflix Spotlight: Victorious


Janelle Mejia, Journalist

Netflix has recently added the iconic Victorious television series and it is available to all their users. Victorious is an American sitcom about the main character, Tori Vega and her friends at their life at Hollywood Arts, which is a high school that focuses on performing arts and only accepts talented individuals. First airing in March of 2010 and ending the series in February of 2015, the 3 season television series was well known and very popular to its young audience. Bringing back childhood memories and reminiscing on old television shows, the Victorious series has made it come back and has been a very popular on Netflix recently.

After asking Lauren Torres, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt high school, on what were her first reactions hearing that Victorious was now available to watch on Netflix she states, “My reaction when I first initially heard and then saw the show on Netflix was me being instantly filled with joy. I felt a smile beginning to form and I remember rushing home to turn it on and just binge watch the whole series. I’ve been watching the series all day, everyday, for the past week.” Furthermore, after asking Stevee Silva, another senior and Eleanor Roosevelt high school, on her initial thought of Victorious being available on Netflix she stated, “I was really excited and surprised that Netflix would have such a great but older show available for everyone to watch. I feel like it takes me back to my childhood when I began to rewatch the series.”

Janelle Mejia
Lauren Torres, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Moreover, I asked Torres and Silva about how they now feel about the Victorious television  series after watching it on Netflix compared to when it first aired on television in 2010 and Torres stated, “My feelings towards the show now after watching it, I still enjoy it but I’ve realized a lot more things about phrases, humor and ‘vibe’. It’s crazy to think what we thought was funny as younger kids compared to now and how cringy it all was.” Furthermore, Stevee Silva stated that, “Watching Victorious brought back a lot of childhood moments and it’s weird to think that I use to watch this show religiously 9 years ago.”

Janelle Mejia
Stevee Silva, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School

It is evident that the come back of the television sitcom, Victorious, was a great add on Netflix and was well awaited.